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Somme centenary unites a divided Britain

Sunder Katwala on how Britain will set aside political divisions and come together to mark the Somme centenary

How immigration could decide the EU referendum, one way or the other

Nigel Farage wants immigration to be the central theme of the EU referendum. But it could prove just as difficult for the Out and In campaigns to find an argument that will persuade a majority on immigration.

Why do both sides look like they’re losing the EU debate in Britain?

The most interesting phenomenon of the current EU debate is the fact that both sides appear to damage their own cause more than their political opponents do

Scottishness and me: Coming home without going back

I spent the first 40 years of my life in England, writes Chris Creegan, before coming to live in Scotland in 2003. It was a coming home, strange perhaps for someone born in Sussex. But I’m adopted.