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Challenging hate crime effectively

Sunder Katwala discusses the spike in reported hate crime after the referendum and what methods might be effective in tackling it.

Mirrors of extremism?

“Hurling Rubble at the Sun” and “Hurling Rubble at the Moon”, both the work of playwright Avaes Mohammad and shown at the Park Theatre, Finsbury Park offered a thought-provoking study of radicalisation and political violence.

Sol Campbell gives Westminster lecture on racism in football

Campbell's decision to tell his life story put his complaints about racism in football in context for this football-illiterate observer, writes Henry Hill.

Even EDL leader realises we don’t ‘do’ that kind of extremism here

The leader of the English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson, has announced that he is leaving the organisation, as is EDL co-founder Kevin Carroll. British Future director Sunder Katwala has the following response to the resignations.

Historic moment as blue plaque awarded to black reverend

On 20th September the late Rev Dr. Oliver Lyseight was awarded a blue plaque by the Wolverhampton Civic & Historical Society in what marks an important chapter in the history of both Wolverhampton and of integration in the UK.

VIDEO: What’s the answer to populism?

On Monday 23rd September, British Future took part in an event at the Labour Party conference entitled What's the answer to populism? Chaired by British Future director Sunder Katwala, guest speakers Zoe Williams from the Guardian, Sadiq Khan MP, David Lammy MP and Dr Evan Harris presented a plethora of views on the question.

The hidden stories of Jews and English football

Anthony Clavane's Does Your Rabbi Know You’re Here? is, as the book’s subtitle makes plain, “The story of English football’s forgotten tribe,” laying out the story of one particular immigrant community’s successful integration into British society, writes Matthew Rhodes.

Can the Balotelli generation change Italy?

Mario Balotelli will not change how Italians think about nationality overnight but he does show how the symbolism of sport helps us to talk about who we are, says Sunder Katwala.