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Immigration attitudes warming over years, not just months of lockdown

Attitudes to immigration have not undergone the dramatic shift during the COVID-19 pandemic that some might think but have gradually become more positive since the 2016 EU referendum, according to new ICM research.

What do people in Wales think about immigration?

Are Welsh attitudes to immigration different to those in England and Scotland? Polling from British Future takes the temperature in Wales.

New refugee poll shows a humane but anxious nation

A new ComRes poll for the BBC shows a conflicting picture of British public attitudes to the refugee crisis. Can people be sympathetic to those fleeing war and abuse in Syria, while still being worried about how we handle the numbers? The answer, writes Steve Ballinger, is that they can – and they are.

What the public want on integration

Sunder Katwala reflects on what we learnt from focus groups asking people in Leeds and Fareham how integration should work.

Skills trump culture in migration attitudes, BSA shows

The British public see skill and education levels as more important than cultural background in thinking about which migrants will contribute positively to the UK, a major new British Social Attitudes study shows today.