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Year of the dragon boosts Welsh spirit

Football in the Welsh capital has always come second fiddle to the much-loved national rugby team, and with Cardiff City's glory days being in the 1920s, it's no surprise. But the pride the Welsh show for rugby exhibits itself in the football stand as well. The rise of Cardiff City to the Premiership will boost pride in the Welsh sporting legacy further, argues Dan J Lloyd.

Tackling the question of Welsh pride in rugby

There are many things people think of when they hear the name Wales. Mountains, singing, sheep, leeks, harps and, of course, rugby. I myself am from Wales and I definitely see rugby as somehow particularly Welsh. But is this merely a stereotypical view of this little country or are there some intrinsic elements of national pride and identity locked inside the sport? writes Bryn Lewis.

We ask why young people see military as top source of pride

2012 was a year where British pride was at an all time high. The London Olympics, Team GB and the announcement of the royal baby gave us all a renewed sense of pride, but behind these celebrations, the Armed Forces were always visible. Sarah Cottam of Loughborough University talked to a group of young people to find out how they felt about the Armed Forces after 2012.