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ONS migration statistics: time to look to the future

A the ONS publishes new net migration figures, we should move on from debating the failings of the old, broken target, says Sunder Katwala, and focus on a plan for what our immigration system looks like after Brexit, when we should expect free movement to have come to an end.

ONS statistics – net migration target surely dead if UK votes ‘Remain’ in June

Responding to May's ONS migration figures, Sunder Katwala says the net migration target is surely dead if the UK votes on 23 June to remain in the EU.

Having your cake and eating it on immigration leaves voters feeling sick

Both sides in the EU referendum debate are trying to have their cake and eat it on immigration. It's a diet that's leaving voters feeling rather bilious, writes Steve Ballinger

Net migration – what’s the plan, Cam?

As the ONS releases new immigration figures, British Future and the Institute of Directors question why there is no current long-term plan to meet the Government's net migration target. They call for a 'Comprehensive Immigration Review' to examine and publicly debate what policies would be needed meet the target, and what their impacts would be.