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Black Power icon inspires young British filmmakers

The Pod Academy's Director Tess Woodcraft speaks about meeting Dr John Carlos, one of the men behind the iconic Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics, and the new generation of Brits it has inspired.

“Everybody has two flags”

The upsurge in belief in an English identity over the past five years is not the threat to modern Britain that many English believe it to be, says British Future director Sunder Katwala in a new interview.

Olympic bosses should not let mad branding rules hit Games fever

Using the words "Olympics" and "Games" could get you in trouble, and that's not doing anything for getting the crowd to its feet ready to cheer for one of this year's big events. The branding supremos over there at the Olympic stadium in east London have gone a bit power crazy in their bid to fight off the hawkers and the sellers of fake Olympic mementos.

Olympics can be exceptional moment

London's Olympics can be an exceptional moment to show the ties that bind us to Britain, and show off an enthusiasm for the country today,says Rachael Jolley.

“Plastic Brits” – and the Mail’s struggle to decide who isn’t British

The Daily Mail cannot seem to agree on what constitutes being British when it comes to sport.

Who are you calling a “Plastic” Brit?

The Daily Mail is campaigning against Plastic Brits, but the ugly term, being used to describe people who the newspaper thinks shouldn't represent Britain, misrepresents the nation's sporting history.

Sneaking into the 2012 stadium ahead of Olympics

British Future headed off to Stratford this morning to get a sneaky peak inside the Olympic stadium ahead of this summer's crowds. Even the journey to the stadium is exciting, if you take London public transport options, the Docklands Light Railway or the Jubilee line. Both sweep past the edge of the park allowing arrivals to catch sight of the striking new buildings, the swoop of the aquadrome and the butterfly of the velodrome in the distance.

British Future research finds Welsh are most excited about Queen’s Jubilee

Ipsos Mori research for British Future has found that the Welsh are more enthusiastic about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee than the English and the Scottish. 70% of Welshpeople expect the jubilee will lift the mood of the British public compared to 69% of English people asked, and only 55% of people from Scotland. But, when asked about the Olympics, English respondents were the most positive with 66% believing it would be good for the mood of the British public, compared to 57% of Scots.

Photos from the British Future launch

The launch of British Future saw panelists including Matthew D'Ancona and Christie Watson join British Future's director Sunder Katawla in a debate about identity, integration, migration and opportunity. In a nod to the iconic year ahead for Britain, the launch was held at the Museum of London Docklands, where the Olympic flame will take course pass this year. Those attending the launch had a chance to hold the 1948 Olympic torch - don't miss the photo of journalist and cricket commentator Mihir Bose holding the flame.

Forgotten Olympic heroes of 1948 should be honoured

Britain did not have a brilliant Olympic Games when London last hosted the Olympics in 1948, in terms of the medal table at least. The host nation won just three Olympic golds , all in rowing or sailing, which along with 14 silver medals and six bronzes left Britain ranking 12th at the end of the games. But those first post-war Olympics since Hitler’s Games in Berlin 1936 was a time when the value of taking part was never better understood. The Houses of Parliament figured prominently on the official Games poster designed by Walter Herz, a Czech refugee from fascism, as Dr Cathy Ross of the Museum of London has noted.

Jubilee pride to pip Olympic spirit in 2012, says poll

Both the Olympic Games and the Jubilee are expected to lift the British mood in 2012, but the British Future poll suggests Seb Coe's Olympic spirit may just be pipped by Jubilee pride in the Queen, if only by a short head. 68% of people expect the Queen's diamond jubilee to lift the national mood, while 64% say the same about the Olympics, according to the Hopes and Fears poll published by the British Future think-tank on Monday.

Let this be the year we decide we are proud of our society

By Sunder Katwala This is a year when Britain will want to tell a story to the world. The message that we want to project overseas must depend on what we want to say to ourselves, too, about who we are, what we stand for, and what we feel about how we have changed.