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Four years on, are we still the Britain of Danny Boyle’s Olympic ceremony?

The national story of Danny Boyle's opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics still unites us, even after a bruising and divisive four years in British politics, writes Sunder Katwala

Olympic legacy patchy but palpable in north-east

While the whole world flocked to London to witness the buzz of the Olympic summer 2012, north-east England felt somewhat excluded and not just in terms of geography. However, an Olympic legacy lives on, even if not as pronounced as hoped, writes Next Generation blogger Matilda Neill from Whitley Bay.

Commitment to NHS founding principles remains high in UK

The NHS beat both the monarchy and the Olympics to take gold in the patriotism stakes, as Ipsos-Mori's polling for British Future's new State of the Nation 2013 report shows.

Visible armed forces are source of pride for young Brits

The popularity of the armed forces as an icon of British pride among young people shows the value of seeing members of the military out and about in our regular lives.

Happy New Year from British Future

British Future's first year has been an eventful one. The success of the Jubilee and the Olympics made 2012 a year to celebrate being British, and British Future followed this success through the year. We would love to thank everyone who has been involved with our work - from those who joined us in a bed in Yorkshire to those who ate food from around the world and painted their faces at our refugee Jubilee street party in Brixton. And we would also like to say thank you to everyone who worked on our publications and research. But mostly we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

REPORT: The melting pot generation

When the parents of Olympic champion Jessica Ennis, who are from Jamaica and Derbyshire, met in Sheffield in the 1980s, a majority of the public opposed to mixed race relationships. This is no longer the case, shows the new report from British Future The Melting Pot Generation: How Britain became more relaxed about race.

VIDEO: Questions put to our New Patriotism panel

How does class affect British identity? What do the Conservatives have to say about immigration now? And how can ethnic minorities feel like real citizens when their parliament and judiciary aren't representative? These were some of the questions put to the panel at British Future and Bright Blue event The New Patriotism: Beyond the Spirit of 2012.

A new patriotism or running from the Empire? Britain in 2012

Where have the events of 2012 left British patriotism? British Future and thinktank Bright Blue held an event talking about whether the Olympics, Paralympics and the Jubilee have left us with a strong new sense of national pride, or whether the hype of 2012 was just that, and we're still just a country unable to deal with its history.

VIDEO: A new patriotism in 2012?

The Olympics, Paralympics and the Jubilee...has 2012 seen a new patriotism emerge in Britain? British Future and thinktank Bright Blue held an event where the debate spanned from discussing Olympic pride to how to deal with the spectre of the Empire to Conservative attitudes to the NHS. The panel included Isabel Hardman, Editor of the Spectator blog Coffee House, Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng, and British Future Director Sunder Katwala. The event was chaired by Ryan Shorthouse, Director of Bright Blue.

British Future publishes our Olympic parade video

As Scotland's Olympic parade kicks off in Glasgow today, British Future publishes our parade video, finding out from those welcoming the athletes home what they thought of the Olympics and the Paralympics, and what they wanted to happen next.

We need a 2012 legacy that lasts

2012 has brought Britain together. The Olympics, Paralympics and the Jubilee combined to provide the most inclusive celebration of who we are that anyone can remember, says Sunder Katwala. But what happens when the flame goes out?

London 2012 Olympic boxing stamp

How Team GB reflects the making of modern Britain

One in three of Team GB's record medal haul were the product of Britain's history of immigration and integration. That's because our Olympic team reflects the country that we have become, says Sunder Katwala.

The 2012 London Olympic flame

Great Scot teamwork pushes up GB medal haul

There's been a great Scottish contribution to the Team GB medal haul, but just 5% of the Team GB medals were won by Scots alone, with the others being made up from teams from across Britain, according to new British Future research.

Olympic games is not an Anglocentric affair

As Chris Hoy bids for gold on the cycling track today, Robert Outram taps into the Scottish Olympic sentiment.

Olympic flag

Fans at Olympics say good chance for “everyone to come together”

Young football fans Rana and Hannah from Birmingham said the Olympics were a good chance for everyone to come

Humour is great part of British Olympics

It's all just about to start, the Olympic moment is here, but this is also a time to assess what the Games mean to us and what they say about modern Britain, says Sunder Katwala.

Stats about the 2012 London Olympics

The real Olympic opening ceremony?

Most people think the Olympics will begin with Friday's Olympic Opening ceremony. But London's 2012 Olympiad will actually begin in Wales.

Olympic torch journey has touched many hearts

Unbelievably, the Olympic opening ceremony takes place two weeks today. Even amidst last minute concerns about security and the weather, there is still a growing excitement about what the first two weeks of August will bring, both in terms of sporting achievement and national esprit de corps.

Unsung Hero helping to make London 2012 a reality

One of Refugee Week's Unsung Heroes Kolbassia speaks about his support for Team Great Britain and his long-term involvement with the Olympics.

Black Power icon inspires young British filmmakers

The Pod Academy's Director Tess Woodcraft speaks about meeting Dr John Carlos, one of the men behind the iconic Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics, and the new generation of Brits it has inspired.