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Why we should postpone the ‘Festival of Britain’

Most people quite like the idea of a 'Festival of Britain', writes Steve Ballinger: but 2022 would be the worst-possible year to hold it.

National Conversation on Immigration in Northern Ireland

Brexit feels more ‘real’ to people in Northern Ireland than in England and immigration is a less polarising issue for the public, according to series of new reports released today from the National Conversation on Immigration.

The UK at Euro 2016 – it’s not All England

The UK has three team competing at Euro 2016 - Steve Ballinger looks at why the #WeAreAllEngland campaign is focused on the English

Northern Ireland quietly opens heart to mixed relationships

More couples are bridging the Protestant-Catholic divide than ever before, but many remain unwilling to talk about it, writes Jemimah Steinfeld.

Rest of UK can learn from Northern Ireland WW1 commemoration

As we enter the period of 1914-18 centenaries, Northern Ireland offers some pointers as to how to tackle some of the more difficult issues the rest of the UK will face, such as the nature of the war and how it should be commemorated, writes Richard Grayson.

VIDEO: Stephen Goss, Northern Ireland

"I'm somewhat unusual in that I come from a Catholic nationalist background, but I'm British and very much a Unionist," says Stephen Goss from Belfast.

The Belfast riots: Why they happened

Youth unemployment and a failure of multi-culturalism have fed into the current troubles in Northern Ireland, writes Dr Robin Wilson.

National Conversation: Northern Ireland

Some years ago a Council of Europe expert visiting Belfast as part of a study on cultural diversity was struck by a meeting with representatives of the small Chinese, Indian and Pakistani communities. Not only did his interlocutors feel that the overwhelming focus in Northern Ireland on the divide between the two main cultural ‘traditions’ left their identities marginalised, but also those in attendance who were drawn from the Protestant and Catholic communities felt that a broader approach to cultural diversity would be welcome for its own sake and in helping to lower the political intensity of sectarian debates.