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Millions come together to say thank you on NHS birthday

People across the country are being encouraged to come together on 5 July for a shared, national moment of thanks for everyone helping us to get through the covid-19 crisis.

#ClapForOurCarers: Why connection matters at a time of physical distancing

While the COVID-19 crisis requires us to all maintain strict “physical distancing” from each other, that should not mean losing our social connections with each other, writes Sunder Katwala

My Mother’s NHS Story, 1946 to Now

Nicholas Boston on the intertwining stories of the NHS at 70 and his mother, Stella, who migrated from Guyana in 1946 to become a nurse

“So many of us owe our lives to the NHS and I certainly do”

As the NHS prepares to celebrate its 65th birthday, I’m reminded of how many of my own birthdays I celebrated at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston Lincolnshire, writes Douglas Jefferson, whose story of the first few weeks of his life in hospital offers a shining example of the efficacy of the NHS.

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Child of the NHS

I am a child of the NHS, which celebrates its 65th birthday this week. I took my first breath in an NHS hospital, like many millions of Britons. And, if it hadn’t been for the NHS, I wouldn’t have come to exist at all. I was born British, in a Yorkshire hospital, in the spring of 1974.

Thirty years earlier, my parents had been born some 4,000 miles apart. It was the NHS that brought them both to Britain, writes Sunder Katwala.

Commitment to NHS founding principles remains high in UK

The NHS beat both the monarchy and the Olympics to take gold in the patriotism stakes, as Ipsos-Mori's polling for British Future's new State of the Nation 2013 report shows.