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Immigration after May: What should the new Prime Minister change?

The new Prime Minister must make a ‘clean break’ from the immigration approach of Theresa May if they are to restore public trust on the issue, says a new British Future report.

Response to the MAC report on EEA migration

The Migration Advisory Committee’s new report on the impacts of EEA migration is missing a vital element by failing to include the voices of the British public.

MAC report on international student migration – response

As the Migration Advisory Committee releases its findings on international student migration, new research from the National Conversation on Immigration shows public support for international students across the UK.

Three-quarters of public wants to keep international students – new poll

Three-quarters of the public want to keep the number of international students coming to Britain the same as now or increase it, according to a new ICM poll

Most Conservative voters want net migration target replaced – poll

71% of Conservative voters think the Government should drop the net migration target and replace it with separate targets for different types of immigration, says a new poll

What next after Brexit? Immigration & integration in post-referendum Britain

Consulting the public should form part of a comprehensive review of immigration policy after Brexit, says a new report

Are Aussie rules fair dinkum for immigration after Brexit?

The ‘Australian points system’ for immigration, proposed by the Leave campaign, is a popular slogan - is it a workable policy?

ONS statistics – net migration target surely dead if UK votes ‘Remain’ in June

Responding to May's ONS migration figures, Sunder Katwala says the net migration target is surely dead if the UK votes on 23 June to remain in the EU.

Net migration: will PM be relieved to be 200k over his target?

"When the PM and Home Secretary are both relieved to see net migration at over 300,000, it shows how far removed from reality the sub-100,000 target really is," said British Future in response to new ONS immigration statistics.

Having your cake and eating it on immigration leaves voters feeling sick

Both sides in the EU referendum debate are trying to have their cake and eat it on immigration. It's a diet that's leaving voters feeling rather bilious, writes Steve Ballinger

Skills to pay the bills – why we need a return of the MAC

One doesn’t really have to read between the lines to see what the Migration Advisory Committee thinks about the risks to business and the economy of changes to skilled migration rules.

Immigration: public deserves straight answers in EU referendum debate

For much of Britain, writes Sunder Katwala, immigration is the big question of the EU referendum. Yet voters risk being denied the straight answers on immigration that they need.

Numbers up, target missed: time for a plan on net migration?

Net migration his another high today, yet further from the government's target. Surely it's now time to set out a plan on net migration?

Net migration at all-time high: reaction

British Future responds to today’s publication of new ONS immigration statistics showing net migration to the UK at an all-time high of 330,000

Net migration – what’s the plan, Cam?

As the ONS releases new immigration figures, British Future and the Institute of Directors question why there is no current long-term plan to meet the Government's net migration target. They call for a 'Comprehensive Immigration Review' to examine and publicly debate what policies would be needed meet the target, and what their impacts would be.

High net migration needs practical response, not distractions

Tackling illegal immigration may reassure the public, but it won't distract them from the high net migration figures. A more practical response is needed.

Public wants immigration promises that can be kept

As the politicians take their case to the country, the public would prefer realistic targets to a repeat of promises which proved impossible to achieve

Final Scores on the net migration target, and no-one’s cheering

Today is final score time in the Net Migration Cup, as the last set of ONS immigration stats are released before the election. It would be hard to pretend that the crowd is on tenterhooks, argues Sunder Katwala.

Net migration target dead and buried – now what happens next?

Meaningful figures, sensible targets and accountable government should be agreed upon by politicians as ‘common sense ground rules’ on immigration, argues British Future.