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Birth of a changing nation

There could well be at least 10 babies born today at St Mary's Hospital in London, of which one boy or girl born will be a future king or queen. They will be among around 373 babies born in London today, and perhaps 2,268 babies born across the United Kingdom. These babies born on 22 July 2013 offer a snapshot of the Britain that the young prince or princess will grow up with, writes Sunder Katwala.

What can we learn from 1953’s “great act of national communion”?

In 1953, the sociologist Michael Young, in a famous essay, described the Queen’s coronation as a “great act of national communion.” He and his co-author Edward Shils were struck by the galvanising effect the coronation had on family and community life. In which ways does the monarchy continue to unite people within the UK, asks Zaki Cooper, who used to work in the press office at Buckingham Palace, ahead of this week's 60th anniversary of the coronation.

Commitment to NHS founding principles remains high in UK

The NHS beat both the monarchy and the Olympics to take gold in the patriotism stakes, as Ipsos-Mori's polling for British Future's new State of the Nation 2013 report shows.

Even JK Rowling wouldn’t have made it a more magical year for the royals

The bigger picture suggests the Monarchy ended 2012 more secure than ever. Even when things went wrong, as the Thames river pageant turned into a grey and cold test of endurance in the driving rain, it was the BBC which seemed to cop the flak. The Queen's surprise Olympic contribution to a James Bond stunt helped to seal Danny Boyle's great fusion of the traditional and the modern in the Olympic opening ceremony, writes Sunder Katwala.

Farewell to 2012, the year of British exceptionalism

The spirit of 2012 challenged the core instincts of both left and right, argues Sunder Katwala. But will that optimistic sense of what is distinctive about Britain survive into 2013?

What the Jubilee said about who we are today

Sunder Katwala sets out how the monarchy has become more relevant in a multi-ethnic Britain, reflecting a royal history of immigration and integration.

What makes Britain and the Brits what we are today?

British Future hosted a breakfast debate in a London pub on what has been the most influential factor on modern British society.

The monarchy is more secure than ever

By Sunder Katwala It is the constitutional duty of the head of a republican pressure group to provide a dissenting note during the high days and holidays of Monarchical ceremony. But if Graham Smith of Republic may have half a point in his call on the mediato ensure the alternative anti-Monarchy view gets a voice he also massively overstates his two central claims, that the Monarchy "is able to co-opt almost the entire media output of this country to its own advantage and a media that is failing to report the true story of a changing public attitude toward royalty and monarchy". Neither claim stands up to scrutiny of the evidence.

Why Britain should be grateful to Mrs Simpson

“A patriotic extra has revealed how he set Madonna straight on UK royal history during the filming of her Wallis Simpson biopic W,” reports the i newspaper this morning. It is an amusing tale of how north Londoner Ben Goodman, 69, hired to play a newspaper vendor who hands a ‘Royal scandal’ newspaper to the actress playing Mrs Simpson.

Jubilee pride to pip Olympic spirit in 2012, says poll

Both the Olympic Games and the Jubilee are expected to lift the British mood in 2012, but the British Future poll suggests Seb Coe's Olympic spirit may just be pipped by Jubilee pride in the Queen, if only by a short head. 68% of people expect the Queen's diamond jubilee to lift the national mood, while 64% say the same about the Olympics, according to the Hopes and Fears poll published by the British Future think-tank on Monday.