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VIDEO: England and the north

Englishness is on the rise. On Wednesday 20th November a wide range of people came together to debate this question in Manchester as part of the Festival of Englishness, co-hosted by British Future, IPPR and the Social Action and Research Foundation. Listen to what various speakers at the event had to say.

Olympic torch journey has touched many hearts

Unbelievably, the Olympic opening ceremony takes place two weeks today. Even amidst last minute concerns about security and the weather, there is still a growing excitement about what the first two weeks of August will bring, both in terms of sporting achievement and national esprit de corps.

Tribalism can be a positive way of uniting communities, says author Anthony Clavane

Author Anthony Clavane spoke to British Future about Leeds, identity and the positive and negative aspects of tribalism in football.

My Leeds – Football, Identity and Belonging

Despite leaving when he was a toddler, Matthew Rhodes has a strong sense of being from Yorkshire...