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A new patriotism or running from the Empire? Britain in 2012

Where have the events of 2012 left British patriotism? British Future and thinktank Bright Blue held an event talking about whether the Olympics, Paralympics and the Jubilee have left us with a strong new sense of national pride, or whether the hype of 2012 was just that, and we're still just a country unable to deal with its history.

VIDEO: A new patriotism in 2012?

The Olympics, Paralympics and the Jubilee...has 2012 seen a new patriotism emerge in Britain? British Future and thinktank Bright Blue held an event where the debate spanned from discussing Olympic pride to how to deal with the spectre of the Empire to Conservative attitudes to the NHS. The panel included Isabel Hardman, Editor of the Spectator blog Coffee House, Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng, and British Future Director Sunder Katwala. The event was chaired by Ryan Shorthouse, Director of Bright Blue.

“It means a united people,” says celebrity chef Cyrus Todiwala

Chef and restauranteur Cyrus Todiwala spoke to British Future over the Jubilee weekend about what the Jubilee meant to him and the monarchy's role in modern Britain.

What the Jubilee said about who we are today

Sunder Katwala sets out how the monarchy has become more relevant in a multi-ethnic Britain, reflecting a royal history of immigration and integration.

Refugees kick off the Jubilee weekend

British Future hosted a Jubilee street party on Friday as a way of both celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee and acknowledging the contribution that refugees have made to British society during her reign.

Jubilee letter to The Times

As British Future heads off to one of the first Jubilee street parties of the weekend to celebrate with refugees in Brixton today, we have written to The Times in honour of the Queen's Jubilee to acknowledge the contribution that refugees have made to Britain during the Queen's reign.

Refugees get bunting out to celebrate Jubilee

"I'm looking forward to celebrating my 55 years in Britain," said refugee Bob Vertes, who will be attending a street party in Brixton this week.

Rubbish Jubilee message for Queen from Greenwich

Royal Greenwich needs to clean up its act, and clear up the Silver Jubilee's Thames Path in time for this year's celebrations, says Rachael Jolley.

Forgotten Olympic heroes of 1948 should be honoured

Britain did not have a brilliant Olympic Games when London last hosted the Olympics in 1948, in terms of the medal table at least. The host nation won just three Olympic golds , all in rowing or sailing, which along with 14 silver medals and six bronzes left Britain ranking 12th at the end of the games. But those first post-war Olympics since Hitler’s Games in Berlin 1936 was a time when the value of taking part was never better understood. The Houses of Parliament figured prominently on the official Games poster designed by Walter Herz, a Czech refugee from fascism, as Dr Cathy Ross of the Museum of London has noted.

Jubilee pride to pip Olympic spirit in 2012, says poll

Both the Olympic Games and the Jubilee are expected to lift the British mood in 2012, but the British Future poll suggests Seb Coe's Olympic spirit may just be pipped by Jubilee pride in the Queen, if only by a short head. 68% of people expect the Queen's diamond jubilee to lift the national mood, while 64% say the same about the Olympics, according to the Hopes and Fears poll published by the British Future think-tank on Monday.