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You can get work skills at university, if you want to

At university we constantly receive a barrage of e-mails notifying students on all variations of ‘employer activities’ and ‘careers and employability’ opportunities that are happening on and around the university campus. So there is no plausible argument, in my opinion, where a student could say 'this university didn’t give me enough skills to get into the workplace,' writes Loughborouogh University undergraduate Sarah Cottam.

British Future is recruiting an Office Manager/EA

A brief description of the Office Manager/Executive Assistant role is available below, please also see attached document for fuller details.

Apply for our paid internship

A brief description of British Future's new paid internship is available below, please also see attached document for fuller details.

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“Cuts to English courses could impact integration”

Long-time teacher of English to new arrivals in this country Jo Thorp finds the rewards are great for both students and society, but following funding cuts, there are massive waiting lists for most courses.

Supporting the success of young people

The challenges of unemployment and rising living costs can be particularly damaging to young people. Providing them with support is essential and effective, argues Sarah Webster. At City Gateway, I work with some of the toughest young people from the seemingly hopeless estates in Tower Hamlets. Each day we deal with cases of physical or sexual abuse, homelessness, illness and bereavements as well as concerning CRB checks. They have been written off by their teachers and would be considered unemployable (usually having less than 5 GCSEs). Yet when given education, support and encouragement - with the end goal being a link with job opportunities in city firms through our apprenticeship programme - they are transformed.

Migration evidence should deepen public debate

British Future trustee Shamit Saggar, and a contributor to today's Migration Advisory Commitee report, says robust evidence should help to inform a public debate that recognises both benefits and costs.