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Is Nigel Farage hurting the Eurosceptic cause?

As Farage makes the political weather, he worries pro-Europeans and cheers up those who would like Britain to get out of the EU. But should that be the other way around, asks Sunder Katwala.

The Jewish refugees who fought for Britain during WWII

Thomas Harding’s book, Hanns and Rudolf, is a gripping second world war story, as well as an interesting peak into Jewish immigrant life in the UK, writes Jemimah Steinfeld.

Public more confident that we can talk about immigration – new findings

The public are growing in confidence that we can and do talk about immigration, writes Sunder Katwala.

Britain great place for business, say migrant entrepreneurs

The United Kingdom is a great place to do business, and attracts enterprising people from all over the world, writes Henry Hill.

Pragmatic public wants immigration mended, not ended

It shouldn’t come as surprise that people’s anxieties about immigration aren’t eliminated by being told it’s good for the economy, argues Sunder Katwala.

REPORT: EU migration from Romania and Bulgaria

On 1st January 2014, Britain opens its borders to Romania and Bulgaria. It is a moment being greeted not with fanfares of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, but with the more reluctant mantra ‘we have no choice’, with a heated public debate polarising around two viewpoints.

Why national identity matters

2014 will be the Year of Identity, argues Sunder Katwala, director of British Future, in his Ralph Miliband memorial lecture at the London School of Economics. Addressing the theme ‘Is there a progressive case for national identity?’, Katwala looked at how identity will help to shape key choices about the future of the United Kingdom, Britain’s place in Europe, identity and immigration. Below is the full text of his lecture.

VIDEO: England and the north

Englishness is on the rise. On Wednesday 20th November a wide range of people came together to debate this question in Manchester as part of the Festival of Englishness, co-hosted by British Future, IPPR and the Social Action and Research Foundation. Listen to what various speakers at the event had to say.

Employees see skilled migration as a workplace success story

The public is often portrayed as opposed to migration, and opinion polls do show it is a key issue for voters. But new research by NIESR, published today, finds that members of the public who work with migrants recognise the need for skilled migration. They also willingly acknowledge that they have benefited, writes Dr Heather Rolfe.

Even EDL leader realises we don’t ‘do’ that kind of extremism here

The leader of the English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson, has announced that he is leaving the organisation, as is EDL co-founder Kevin Carroll. British Future director Sunder Katwala has the following response to the resignations.

REVIEW: Adult Supervision pokes serious fun at idea of ‘beige Britain’

As a single white man in my twenties, going to see a play about four mothers dealing with their children, relationships and mixed race families was not something I thought I was going to relate to. But thanks to a healthy injection of humour and some sharp social commentary about the UK in general, Adult Supervision had myself and everyone else in the audience engrossed and laughing from start to finish, writes Douglas Jefferson.

Which British tribe do you belong to?

Are you a Grumpy Nostalgic or part of team Jam and Jerusalem? Are you a Northern Soul or a Post-National Cosmopolitan? In an article in the Observer, Sunder Katwala outlines the main tribes that reflect our attitudes towards Modern Britain. They divide along various lines according to criteria such as class, place and age, but significantly unite at other points. It is this unity which says a lot about the country today and which should be built upon, writes Katwala.

VIDEO: Can the Tories win new friends and not alienate old allies?

How to reach new groups without losing support from the core was a key theme raised on Monday 30th September when British Future and ConservativeHome hosted a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference entitled “Future majority: how can the Tories win in a changing Britain?”

Historic moment as blue plaque awarded to black reverend

On 20th September the late Rev Dr. Oliver Lyseight was awarded a blue plaque by the Wolverhampton Civic & Historical Society in what marks an important chapter in the history of both Wolverhampton and of integration in the UK.

VIDEO: What’s the answer to populism?

On Monday 23rd September, British Future took part in an event at the Labour Party conference entitled What's the answer to populism? Chaired by British Future director Sunder Katwala, guest speakers Zoe Williams from the Guardian, Sadiq Khan MP, David Lammy MP and Dr Evan Harris presented a plethora of views on the question.

Dear Vinnie: a postcard from England

Retired Wimbledon footballer Vinnie Jones, star of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, has spoken out about England being “past its sell-by date.” In a Radio Times interview, Vinnie says that he would not return to Britain from his current home in Los Angeles as immigration has made the country “unrecognisable”. Steve Ballinger sends him a postcard from England.

Ashcroft report finds middle ground in immigration debate

Immigration is often among the most heated of public debates. Lord Ashcroft’s new report captures why immigration is such a challenging public issue, for governments of any party, and offers clues too as to how to engage the public constructively in the choices Britain makes about immigration, writes Sunder Katwala.

Does interfaith pave the way for a more integrated Britain?

One positive story to come out of the tragedy of Woolwich in May took place at the East London mosque, in Tower Hamlets, when leaders of the Christian, Jewish and Buddhist faiths joined approximately 6,000 Muslims for Friday prayers. It was a shining example of interfaith, but it was not unique. Rather examples of interfaith have been becoming more visible and frequent in the UK over the past decade. Will they foster genuine dialogue and counter prejudice, asks Jemimah Steinfeld.

VIDEO: Bradford’s Sandy Lane Primary School’s trip to Wembley

Bradford City's 3-0 win against Northampton Town on 18th May ...

In UK, Chinese whispers need to become shouts

With the recent staging of Yellow Face at London's Park Theatre this summer, a spotlight was cast on the Chinese community in the UK. Yet beyond that the Chinese community remains largely hidden from our public conversation, with opinion formers talking of it as the "silent" community. Is that a sign of successful integration or of problems that go under the radar, asks Jemimah Steinfeld.