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Bringing Britain Together: the next five years

British Future celebrates its fifth birthday this year. To mark the occasion a new publication, Bringing Britain Together, sets out our future strategy and programme for the years to come, as well as celebrating some of the highlights of our first five years. Here, Director Sunder Katwala explains the vision that will guide our work.

Young people have their say on immigration after Brexit

80,000 school children in the UK this week take part in a debate on immigration after Brexit as part of the National Conversation on Immigration

Article 50: Time to deliver for EU nationals here and Brits abroad

Now Article 50 has been triggered, how do UK and EU governments move forward and secure the status of EU nationals in the UK and British citizens in Europe?

Why business needs a new approach to the immigration debate

Business voices seeking to defend the benefits of immigration to our economy and society have not been s effective as they need to be in the immigration debate. A new approach is needed.

How Brexit offers a surprising opportunity for a new immigration consensus

'Can the desire for more control be combined with the aim that Britain will remain globally-engaged, in a common ground approach to post-Brexit immigration?' asks Sunder Katwala at the Conservative Progress 'Believe in the UK' conference

Our patchwork polarisation – and how to stitch it together

"Planet Remain and Planet Leave might be fewer light years apart than we tend to recognise," says Sunder Katwala in this speech at the University of East Anglia looking at how to heal post-Brexit divisions

National Conversation on Immigration

The National Conversation on immigration aims to hear the views of people all over Britain. For the whole of 2017 we’ll be in a different town every single week, in every region and nation of the UK, listening to what people think on the issue.

Inquiry: EU nationals living in UK should be given permanent residence

An independent Inquiry into the status of EU nationals in the UK after Brexit publishes its report today, recommending that those in the UK before Article 50 is triggered should get Permanent Residence.

ONS migration statistics: time to look to the future

A the ONS publishes new net migration figures, we should move on from debating the failings of the old, broken target, says Sunder Katwala, and focus on a plan for what our immigration system looks like after Brexit, when we should expect free movement to have come to an end.

Reactions to our proposal for a ‘preferential’ immigration offer to the EU

Heres how media and other voices responded to our new proposal for a preferential system for EU immigration to the UK.

A new immigration offer to Europe

In a new report today, 'Britain’s immigration offer to Europe', British Future sets out a proposal for a new, preferential system for EU immigration to the UK.

Immigration: what did we learn from Conservative Party Conference?

What did the Conservative Party's first conference after the referendum, and under new Prime Minister Theresa May, tell us about future immigration policy?

Which Brexit will we choose?

As ministers meet to brainstorm Britain's Brexit options, Sunder Katwala looks at the ideas on the table at Chequers

Net migration statistics: time for a ‘Reset’ on immigration policy?

New net migration figures, released today, show why the Government should use the Brexit 'Reset moment' for a comprehensive review of immigration policy.

What next after Brexit? Immigration & integration in post-referendum Britain

Consulting the public should form part of a comprehensive review of immigration policy after Brexit, says a new report

Disbanding the tribes – what the referendum told us about Britain (and what it didn’t)

There is common ground on the issue of immigration between Leave and Remain voters who disagreed on the referendum question, finds a new report from British Future,

An historic vote to Leave – and why we must now come together

The public vote to Leave the EU will be a test of political leadership - and of all of us as citizens too, writes Sunder Katwala

ONS statistics – net migration target surely dead if UK votes ‘Remain’ in June

Responding to May's ONS migration figures, Sunder Katwala says the net migration target is surely dead if the UK votes on 23 June to remain in the EU.

Immigration: the referendum conundrum

Will the EU referendum come down to the question of immigration versus economics? Sunder Katwala looks at new Ipsos MORI findings on on public attitudes to immigration and the EU referendum.

Call for ‘Common sense consensus’ on status of EU migrants after referendum

Organisations across the spectrum of views on immigration and the EU referendum debate joined forces today in a call for a ‘common sense consensus’ on the status of EU migrants already living in the UK after the referendum