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Swapping shirts in a Venezuelan-British household

An England-Venezuela football clash prompts reflections on identity from Russell Hargrave in his Venezuelan-British household

Migrant footballers score 80% of goals at the World Cup

England might not have made it past the group stages, but players based in England have nevertheless scored one in five of the World Cup goals, placing our Premier League ahead of Germany and Spain in the World Cup goals table.

Katwala: What’s driving immigration concern?

We should not dismiss immigration concern at a national level, even if people's experience of immigration at a local level is limited, explains British Future's Sunder Katwala in the new report State of the Nation: Where is bittersweet Britain heading?

Birrell: “Immigrants may see Britain’s enduring strengths more clearly”

Attitudes towards Britain are more positive amongst immigrants than non-immigrants in Britain, according to our new report State of the Nation: Where is bittersweet Britain heading? Ian Birrell, journalist and former speechwriter for the Prime Minister, discusses the reasons behind this.

How could the Conservatives reach out to non-white Britons?

The Conservatives, according to an article in The Economist, are much less likely to win non-white votes than socio-economic indicators would predict. What's going on - and how could the party reverse the pattern, asks Sunder Katwala.