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Immigration and the BSA: reaching the ‘pragmatic middle’

Cultural polarisation over attitudes to immigration could generate long-term political headaches for politicians who adopt a tough anti-immigration agenda in search of public support, writes Sunder Katwala.

Welsh country life: what’s there for young people?

Living in pretty north Wales might be idyllic appearance for some. But for the youth of the area there are many issues lying beneath the wondrous setting, writes Bryn Llywelyn Lewis.

You can get work skills at university, if you want to

At university we constantly receive a barrage of e-mails notifying students on all variations of ‘employer activities’ and ‘careers and employability’ opportunities that are happening on and around the university campus. So there is no plausible argument, in my opinion, where a student could say 'this university didn’t give me enough skills to get into the workplace,' writes Loughborouogh University undergraduate Sarah Cottam.

VIDEO: Generation 2012 debate in Stratford

British Future went to Stratford, the Olympic borough, to launch its Generation 2012 project with a debate asking young people want they thought were the big issues facing them in 2012, and what they thought government should do about it.

Generation 2012 audience listening

What do generation 2012 think about immigration?

Young Britons struggling to find work in austerity Britain find themselves at the sharp end of immigrant competition, so you might expect them to be tougher on this issue than their parents, says one of the author’s of the new BSA report Rob Ford.

Stretched student finances.

Vouchers and ready meals: a lesson in student economics

Rising food prices and a lack of part-time jobs is pushing student bank balances to the brink, writes Loughborough University student Sarah Cottam.

Spanish youth say crisis is hard to bear

Britain has a chance to avoid creating a "lost generation", but Spanish young people are deeply depressed, says Richard Miranda, after interviewing his Spanish friends and family.

Generation 2012: optimistic and practical

British Future's new report Generation 2012 speaks with an age group who have been dubbed by some the “lost generation” to identify the challenges facing them.

What are the challenges facing Generation 2012?

British Future hosted an interactive debate at Stratford Town Hall on the challenges facing Generation 2012 to find out what can be done to avoid a "lost generation".

VIDEO: Generation 2012 interviews

British Future interviewed students aged between 18 and 24 about their concerns, hopes and fears. We also talked with them about their thoughts about Britain today.

Hackney students debate integration

"When you go into school, or into college, you meet people from everywhere - from America, from Poland, everywhere - in one day", says one Hackney Community College student at a British Future debate. British Future went to Hackney to talk to students about whether they defined themselves as British, English or something else. The students' debate, chaired by Anthony Painter, also focused on integration - in terms of the diversity they could see around them in London, and how they thought that was mirrored in the rest of the country.

Supporting the success of young people

The challenges of unemployment and rising living costs can be particularly damaging to young people. Providing them with support is essential and effective, argues Sarah Webster. At City Gateway, I work with some of the toughest young people from the seemingly hopeless estates in Tower Hamlets. Each day we deal with cases of physical or sexual abuse, homelessness, illness and bereavements as well as concerning CRB checks. They have been written off by their teachers and would be considered unemployable (usually having less than 5 GCSEs). Yet when given education, support and encouragement - with the end goal being a link with job opportunities in city firms through our apprenticeship programme - they are transformed.