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Ukippers you can talk to – and those that you can’t

The European elections look likely to be the closest political contest in recent memory and all eyes on Ukip. But what happens afterwards, asks Sunder Katwala.

Why UKIP’s recent triumphs don’t guarantee 2015 election success

UKIP has now got its nose out in front for the first time in the opinion polls. The big questions are what will this mean for the 2015 General Election and for David Cameron’s Conservatives, asks Sunder Katwala.

Your first vote – use it or lose out

With the next general election approaching and my generation one by one becoming eligible to vote, it is incredibly important that the political awareness, or lack thereof, of my peers and myself is questioned, argues Matilda Neill.

Minority vote is a prize worth fighting for

New research published by British Future and ConservativeHome projects that David Cameron could have secured an additional 500,000 votes and formed a majority government in 2010 if he had appealed to ethnic minority voters. Steve Ballinger offers analysis.