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David Cameron’s new majority coalition

David Cameron needed to secure the support of up to 3 million new voters to win his 2015 majority. And, writes Sunder Katwala, that’s just what he did.

The race for the Sikh vote

The largest survey of Sikh voting behaviour in the General Election shows an increasingly competitive race for the Sikh vote.

Can Scotland find a new political consensus?

Chris Creegan reflects on the historic election result in Scotland and asks whether Scotland can find a new, post-election political consensus

The class of 2015 enter Britain’s most diverse ever parliament

A record number of ethnic minority MPs have been elected to the House of Commons: so who is in the new Class of 2015?

5 things we learned from the Voice of a Generation tour

Joe Cryer offers his reflections on what 5 things we learned from speaking with young voters up and down the country during the Voice of a Generation tour

The new ‘Kingmaker’ seats that could decide the next Prime Minister

Sunder Katwala looks at the new 'Kingmaker' seats that could decide the next Prime Minister

Why this election feels different in Scotland

Scotland's No vote last September has not diminished a new sense of the possibility of democratic change, writes Chris Creegan.

Public wants immigration promises that can be kept

As the politicians take their case to the country, the public would prefer realistic targets to a repeat of promises which proved impossible to achieve

Record number of ethnic minority MPs to be elected in May 2015

More ethnic minority MPs than ever before will sit in the next parliament, according to new research from British Future, published in the report "The race for representation: how ethnic diversity became the 'new normal' in British politics".

100 days out, public gives ‘thumbs down’ to all election contenders

What if they threw an election and nobody won? Overall, the British public think that ‘none of the above’ could well be the most appropriate outcome to the most unpredictable General Election for forty years.

Will Scotland decide the future of the UK again?

The General Election in Scotland this year is probably the least predictable the nation has ever seen – and the contest in the 59 Scottish constituencies could play a significant role in deciding who governs Britain.

Ukippers you can talk to – and those that you can’t

The European elections look likely to be the closest political contest in recent memory and all eyes on Ukip. But what happens afterwards, asks Sunder Katwala.