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England, France and Russia: Living as a mixed race couple

I’m a white girl from an academic middle-class Russian family and he is a black French man, born in France to Senegalese immigrants. When I told my mother my boyfriend was black, the first thing she said was: “Will you be able to put up with what the world will think of it?” “It is a different world,” I replied. So far, I have been (almost) right, writes Liza Bel, a radio journalist who now lives in London with her boyfriend.

Far right suffer “death blow” in British local elections

British Future interviewed leading academic expert Matthew Goodwin who says the BNP will consider abandoning "ballot box strategy" after their worst election results for a decade.

“Electorate should not be influenced by Toulouse”

If the Toulouse killings do turn out to change the course of French democracy, that ought to trouble us as democrats. The identity of a violent murderer should not decide a major democratic election, argues Sunder Katwala.