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Transition means transition – but what happens next?

Britain will seek a transition deal after Brexit, as Prime Minister Theresa May has set out. But the real debate will be about the long-term destination.

May’s repeal act will ensure that Parliament does vote on Brexit

Those who have insisted that parliament must vote on Brexit have won the argument about process - but may not get the outcome that they hoped for.

Let the people decide

Today, an important choice about Britain's future will be in the hands of its citizens, writes Sunder Katwala.

Key EU questions unresolved for Labour

Three significant questions remain about Labour’s strategy towards Europe, writes Sunder Katwala

How immigration could decide the EU referendum, one way or the other

Nigel Farage wants immigration to be the central theme of the EU referendum. But it could prove just as difficult for the Out and In campaigns to find an argument that will persuade a majority on immigration.

The final Farage paradox: is it the pro-Europeans who will miss him?

Nigel Farage has resigned as UKIP leader. Perhaps the pro-Europeans should be worrying about losing an unusual asset, argues Sunder Katwala.

Back EU referendum to secure public trust on immigration

Giving voters a choice on Europe,through an EU referendum, is the best way to help win back public trust on immigration, writes Matthew Rhodes

The battlefield summit: Cameron at Ypres

Twenty-seven European leaders will observe Thursday 26th June the Last Post at Ypres before getting down to business as they haggle over the priorities and personnel for the European Union, writes Sunder Katwala.

Is Nigel Farage hurting the Eurosceptic cause?

As Farage makes the political weather, he worries pro-Europeans and cheers up those who would like Britain to get out of the EU. But should that be the other way around, asks Sunder Katwala.

New report: The rise and rise of the outsider election

The 2014 European elections may take place across a continent, but the big question in British politics will be what the UK result means for 2015, writes Sunder Katwala.

Romanians and Bulgarians who contribute will be welcomed by most Brits

More than two-thirds of Britons say that Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants who work hard, pay taxes and fit in to the community should be welcomed to the UK.

REPORT: EU migration from Romania and Bulgaria

On 1st January 2014, Britain opens its borders to Romania and Bulgaria. It is a moment being greeted not with fanfares of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, but with the more reluctant mantra ‘we have no choice’, with a heated public debate polarising around two viewpoints.

Call to rewrite EU free movement rules wins Tory support

Restricting EU free movement with central and East European countries won support from Conservative Parliamentarians and from liberal commentators at the Demos and British Future fringe meeting in Birmingham.

How Britain’s Pro-Europeans Lost the Argument

England in effect is insular, she is maritime, she is linked through her exchanges, her markets, her supply lines to the most diverse and often the most distant countries; she pursues essentially industrial and commercial activities, and only slight agricultural ones. She has in all her doings very marked and very original habits and traditions. In short, the nature, the structure, the very conjuncture that are Englands differ profoundly from those of the continentals. What is to be done in order that England, as she lives, produces and trades, can be incorporated into the Common Market, as it has been conceived and as it functions?