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The European elections: what they mean and what to do about them

The European elections: what will happen? What will it mean for our wider politics? And what should we do if, as some fear, it turns nasty?

UKIP’s European ‘high water mark’: Farage set for just 5% in 2015

Despite tonight’s victory for UKIP in the European election, Nigel Farage’s party looks set to poll just five per cent of the vote in 2015’s general election unless the party can dramatically improve on its past failures to hold on to European election voters.

Ukippers you can talk to – and those that you can’t

The European elections look likely to be the closest political contest in recent memory and all eyes on Ukip. But what happens afterwards, asks Sunder Katwala.

New report: The rise and rise of the outsider election

The 2014 European elections may take place across a continent, but the big question in British politics will be what the UK result means for 2015, writes Sunder Katwala.