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Wales – the Euro 2016 History Makers

"We’re all dreaming, please don’t wake us up," writes Ashok Ahir as Wales prepare for an historic semi-final clash at Euro 2016

Brexit not Wexit: the Welsh Euros adventure goes on

Wales voted narrowly for Brexit, but the country is united on another European adventure, writes Ashok Ahir.

Could football be coming home?

Mike Hough reports for #WeAreAllEngland from the Euro 2016 Fanzone in Paris

The UK at Euro 2016 – it’s not All England

The UK has three team competing at Euro 2016 - Steve Ballinger looks at why the #WeAreAllEngland campaign is focused on the English

Referendum truce breaks out for England’s Euro 2016 kick-off!

Pictures: A referendum truce appeared to break out for Euro 2016 as two people looking *remarkably* like Boris and the PM took their England flag out on the streets

Will Euro 2016 bring Wales Together, Stronger?

Wales are taking part in their first international football finals since 1958. Ashok Ahir asks: can the team show why football is the true national game and can appeal to all?