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With BME candidate selections down, is the growing diversity of parliament set to stall?

The growing ethnic diversity of parliament could flatline as both main parties are selecting minority candidates at less than half the rate seen in the last two elections, new research finds.

Its time for banknotes to reflect Britain’s ethnic diversity


The ethnic diversity of modern Britain should be reflected by the Bank of England including an historic figure from a black and minority ethnic background in its choices for the face of our next new banknote, a new campaign has urged, backed by over 200 public figures in a letter to the Sunday Times.

How ethnic minority women claimed their voice in parliament

Last night’s Lewisham east by-election marks an historic shift in the balance of ethnic minority representation, with more BAME women than men in the House of Commons for the first time ever.

25 years on from Stephen Lawrence’s murder, minorities sceptical of progress on prejudice

Less than half of ethnic minority Britons feel there has been progress on racial prejudice over the 25 years since Stephen Lawrence’s murder, according to a new survey

How the ethnic minority vote cost Theresa May her majority

New research from British Future shows how the Conservative Party’s failure to appeal to ethnic minorities in June could have cost Theresa May the election

52 minority MPs to sit in ‘most diverse UK parliament ever’

12 new ethnic minority MPs will join 40 others to make the 2017 parliament the most diverse ever, writes Sunder Katwala.

Who will win the race for representation in 2017?

The General Election will see a neck-and-neck race between the Conservative and Labour parties to become the party with the most ethnic minority MPs. New projections suggest Theresa May's party may edge ahead for the first time.

This is the most diverse England squad ever – and no-one cares

Football fans will ask many questions about the England Euro 2016 squad announced today. But will anyone be counting up the non-white faces in the team? Unlikely

Steven Woolfe – Reaching Out: the referendum challenge

In the run-up to the public vote, British Future will engage leading voices on all sides of the debate, asking them to set out the competing visions of the future which they believe can win the confidence and support of modern Britain. In this speech Steven Woolfe, UKIP immigration spokesman, sets out his view of the positive vision with which the Leave campaign can win the EU referendum.

The Great British Take-Off to end inequality

The PM's 'Great British Take-Off' speech on inequality was particularly well-timed. Proof of the pudding will the action that follows, writes Sunder Katwala

David Cameron’s new majority coalition

David Cameron needed to secure the support of up to 3 million new voters to win his 2015 majority. And, writes Sunder Katwala, that’s just what he did.

Why shrinking Commons will delay diversity

Shrinking the next intake of new MPs will put the brakes on progress towards ethnic and gender diversity

The race for the Sikh vote

The largest survey of Sikh voting behaviour in the General Election shows an increasingly competitive race for the Sikh vote.

The class of 2015 enter Britain’s most diverse ever parliament

A record number of ethnic minority MPs have been elected to the House of Commons: so who is in the new Class of 2015?

The new ‘Kingmaker’ seats that could decide the next Prime Minister

Sunder Katwala looks at the new 'Kingmaker' seats that could decide the next Prime Minister