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‘We’re still fighting battles we should have won 10 years ago’ – Conservatives & minority voters fringe report

Minister Sam Gyimah joined British Future, Modern Britain and ConservativeHome at a party conference fringe debating how Tories can reach out to BME voters.

Why does Enoch still matter?

Almost half a century after his most famous speech why does Enoch Powell remain a regular reference point in the immigration debate? Asks Sunder Katwala

Powell: “best understood as part of our history”

Enoch Powell, born a hundred years ago tomorrow, was perhaps the most significant twentieth century British politician who was never Prime Minister, says Sunder Katwala.


Powell: “More prophet than politician”

Enoch Powell was right about levels of immigration but not its consequences, and the visceral reaction to his speech has left Britons worried about discussing the consequences of immigration, argues Sunder Katwala in a speech in Bristol.