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Euro 2016, VIDEO: Blackburn kids show that #WeAreAllEngland

As England's Euro 2016 squad is announced, a new film shows how people from all backgrounds are coming together to get behind the England team.

How to talk to the British about identity and Europe

When people head to the polls on 23 June to cast their ballots in the EU referendum, they will not be making a decision about Europe, but about Britain

Ten things we know (or don’t know) about St George’s Day

Many of us in England will be celebrating St George’s Day this week, commemorating the nation’s patron saint. Others will remain unaware, or wonder why there’s nothing much happening in their local area. British Future’s Steve Ballinger looks at what we think about St George’s Day and what we know, or don’t know, about England’s patron saint.

Jerusalem is David Cameron’s choice of English anthem

David Cameron would be tempted to choose Jerusalem as an English anthem for England’s sporting teams, the Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader has said, when asked by British Future.

“Everybody has two flags”

The upsurge in belief in an English identity over the past five years is not the threat to modern Britain that many English believe it to be, says British Future director Sunder Katwala in a new interview.

More calls for an English anthem

Following on from our director Sunder Katwala's letter to the Prime Minister and our An Anthem For England campaign, here are some extended remarks from others also in favour of England having its own national anthem.