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Viv Anderson: The Man Who Changed the Face of English Football

Viv Anderson, the first black footballer to play for the England national team, was a pioneer who helped change perceptions of race in British society, writes Sathesh Alagappan.

This is the most diverse England squad ever – and no-one cares

Football fans will ask many questions about the England Euro 2016 squad announced today. But will anyone be counting up the non-white faces in the team? Unlikely

Euro 2016, VIDEO: Blackburn kids show that #WeAreAllEngland

As England's Euro 2016 squad is announced, a new film shows how people from all backgrounds are coming together to get behind the England team.

#WeAreAllEngland: football could bring England together for Euro 2016

A new poll finds that the England football team unites people in England more than any other symbol of English identity, as the #WeAreAllEngland campaign launches to promote England support across all races and faiths at Euro 2016

Ten things you did’t know about St George and the English

Steve Ballinger lists his Top Ten Things you didn't know about St George and the English

St George’s Day belongs to all of us – new poll

New research finds that most people – including most ethnic minorities – agree the St George’s Day party is a symbol of England that we can all share – but we just don’t do enough to celebrate it.

Ten things we know (or don’t know) about St George’s Day

Many of us in England will be celebrating St George’s Day this week, commemorating the nation’s patron saint. Others will remain unaware, or wonder why there’s nothing much happening in their local area. British Future’s Steve Ballinger looks at what we think about St George’s Day and what we know, or don’t know, about England’s patron saint.

Scotland has spoken – will England respond?

Scotland thought seriously about whether to end the United Kingdom - and chose to mend and save it instead. England must also now find its voice, writes Sunder Katwala.

This World Cup, cry God for Harry, St George… and Belgium?

In this migrant-majority World Cup, eleven of the Belgian squad live and work in England. With our own team out of the hunt, has the time come to cheer for Belgium, asks Sunder Katwala.

VIDEO: England and the north

Englishness is on the rise. On Wednesday 20th November a wide range of people came together to debate this question in Manchester as part of the Festival of Englishness, co-hosted by British Future, IPPR and the Social Action and Research Foundation. Listen to what various speakers at the event had to say.

English identity – British Future poll findings

As part of the Festival of Englishness co-hosted with IPPR, British Future commissioned ICM to conduct polling about English identity to decipher how people feel about the England flag and other hallmarks of English identity. The headline figures make for interesting reading.

What’s the future for England?

The final panel at our Festival of Englishness with IPPR looked to England’s future and concluded with a positive vision for the nation, writes Steve Ballinger.

Lovely Jubbly – Del Boy speaks for the English

The English see themselves as a nation of charming chancers battling against the odds, misusing French to sound ‘posh’ and sipping cocktails in the local boozer, but certainly no longer snobs. At least that is what our latest polling says ahead of today’s festival of Englishness - with Derek Trotter of "Only Fools and Horses" named as the comedy character that best represents Englishness, writes Steve Ballinger .

“Festival of Englishness” explores our national identity

On Saturday 19th October British Future and IPPR are co-hosting a "Festival of Englishness" to address a question which is becoming increasingly central to the Britain's national conversation: who defines themselves as English and what does it mean when they do? Featuring top political thinkers and figures from English culture, sport and comedy, "England, my England: A festival of Englishness" will examine exactly what English identity means today and what its implications are for people in this country.

England’s favourite foreign-born sports stars

England and Arsenal footballer Jack Wilshere this week suggested that only English-born players should be eligible to play for England, pitching into a media debate about which national team the young Manchester United player Adnan Jaznan should play for. His views are out of step with most of the country's sports fans, writes Sunder Katwala.

Why don’t we celebrate Englishness more?

St Patrick's Day has firmly established itself on the annual calendar in England, with the help of a certain brand of stout, but England's own patron saint’s day, St George's Day, is a much more sedate affair. Why isn't it bigger? What is stopping those in England from celebrating Englishness?

Jerusalem is David Cameron’s choice of English anthem

David Cameron would be tempted to choose Jerusalem as an English anthem for England’s sporting teams, the Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader has said, when asked by British Future.

St George's Day

For God, Harry and St George

Author and journalist Andrew Gimson asks whether St George’s Day can, or should, ever become for the English what St Patrick’s Day is for the Irish.

England fans

More calls for an English anthem

Following on from our director Sunder Katwala's letter to the Prime Minister and our An Anthem For England campaign, here are some extended remarks from others also in favour of England having its own national anthem.

Photo: Phil Gyford

British Future writes to the Prime Minister

Director of British Future Sunder Katwala wrote to David Cameron for St. George's Day, asking for the Prime Minister to encourage a positive and inclusive English identity by opening the debate on whether England should have its own anthem.