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‘Diversity milestone’ as one in ten now from an ethnic minority background.

The 2019 General Election sees Britain elect its most diverse Parliament ever.

Late surge in minority candidates paves way for ‘most diverse parliament ever’

Analysis by British Future shows the new Parliament is on track to be the most diverse ever.

With BME candidate selections down, is the growing diversity of parliament set to stall?

The growing ethnic diversity of parliament could flatline as both main parties are selecting minority candidates at less than half the rate seen in the last two elections, new research finds.

52 minority MPs to sit in ‘most diverse UK parliament ever’

12 new ethnic minority MPs will join 40 others to make the 2017 parliament the most diverse ever, writes Sunder Katwala.

How can culture help bring Britain together?

What role can the cultural sector play in healing Britain's divisions? asks Avaes Mohammad

This is the most diverse England squad ever – and no-one cares

Football fans will ask many questions about the England Euro 2016 squad announced today. But will anyone be counting up the non-white faces in the team? Unlikely

EDL stir up hatred and make terrorism more likely, say most Britons

Most people believe that far right groups like the English Defence League stir up hatred and violence in Britain in a way which increases the risk of future terrorist incidents. A rising proportion of Britons say they would never join the EDL - a view held by 84% of people who have heard of the group - according to new polling released this weekend.

Where are the ‘78% British’ headlines about London?

The inclusive pride so many Londoners felt in its confident claim to be one of the world's great global cities was one of the resonant themes of the capital’s success in hosting the 2012 Olympics. Yet the release of the 2011 census, shortly before Christmas, generated a more anxious discussion of diversity. There was also a familiar polarisation - on one side, those who celebrate difference and diversity as enriching the cultural life of the capital, versus those who feel deeply unsettled by the scale and pace of change which they have seen in their lifetimes, writes Sunder Katwala.