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Happy New Year from British Future

British Future's first year has been an eventful one. The success of the Jubilee and the Olympics made 2012 a year to celebrate being British, and British Future followed this success through the year. We would love to thank everyone who has been involved with our work - from those who joined us in a bed in Yorkshire to those who ate food from around the world and painted their faces at our refugee Jubilee street party in Brixton. And we would also like to say thank you to everyone who worked on our publications and research. But mostly we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

How many republicans are there really?

Support for the monarchy has been remarkably stable for decades. With the Jubilee around the corner, Sunder Katwala says it is time for the republicans to get real.

“Amis: Britain’s chief miserabilist”

Is Martin Amis' dispiriting 'state of the nation' novel trying to dampen Jubilee joy? It looks like his new novel, about a young lottery-winning criminal, will paint a bleak picture of broken Britain. Sunder Katwala asks if Amis is Britain's chief miserabilist.

The monarchy is more secure than ever

By Sunder Katwala It is the constitutional duty of the head of a republican pressure group to provide a dissenting note during the high days and holidays of Monarchical ceremony. But if Graham Smith of Republic may have half a point in his call on the mediato ensure the alternative anti-Monarchy view gets a voice he also massively overstates his two central claims, that the Monarchy "is able to co-opt almost the entire media output of this country to its own advantage and a media that is failing to report the true story of a changing public attitude toward royalty and monarchy". Neither claim stands up to scrutiny of the evidence.

Let this be the year we decide we are proud of our society

By Sunder Katwala This is a year when Britain will want to tell a story to the world. The message that we want to project overseas must depend on what we want to say to ourselves, too, about who we are, what we stand for, and what we feel about how we have changed.