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Cricket World Cup could unite us – if only we could all see it

Putting the cricket World Cup behind a paywall is a missed opportunity to bring people across England together, writes Josh Westerling

Let’s fly the flag for England’s Lionesses

England's women footballers can make the nation proud this summer, writes Charlotte Richardson. Let's all wave our flags for the Lionesses.

A cricketing prince and Britain’s most remarkable immigrant

In this Ashes summer, with so many of the cricketers who are playing for England being born abroad, it seems appropriate to look back at the first immigrant from the Indian subcontinent who made his test debut for England against Australia. He was a man who used his cricketing success to secure personal benefit and for all these reasons his story remains a classic study of migration, writes Mihir Bose.

Boyle’s vision taps British pride in countryside

Danny Boyle has tapped straight into the heart of the national psyche, and what makes Britain distinct, with his colourful countryside concept of the Olympic opening. British Future polling shows that across Britain, not just in England as some sceptics argue, there is immense pride in our green pleasant lands, from the Lake District, to Snowdonia and the Highlands.

How The Tebbit Test Was Hit For Six

I took my Dad to the Oval last summer for the Sunday of the last final England v India test match. Each of us would be supporting the country in which we were born. I had booked the tickets last Christmas, expecting the series to be on a knife-edge. Instead, we England supporters had the strange experience of trying to remember not to gloat like an Australian. This was still cricket, after all.

Shame On FIFA

Sunder Katwala thinks FIFA's decision to ban the England football team from wearing the poppy is shameful and calls for it to be reversed.