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Government heading for new Windrush if it fails to guarantee EU citizens’ rights, Tories warn

'Repugnant' to move goalposts on EU citizens' rights, senior Conservatives tell party conference fringe

‘We’re still fighting battles we should have won 10 years ago’ – Conservatives & minority voters fringe report

Minister Sam Gyimah joined British Future, Modern Britain and ConservativeHome at a party conference fringe debating how Tories can reach out to BME voters.

After free movement: how should immigration work post-Brexit? – Conservative fringe report

'How should Britain manage immigration after we leave the EU and free movement ends?' British Future asked Craig MackInlay MP and Henry Newman of Open Europe, at a Conservative Party Conference fringe event.

52 minority MPs to sit in ‘most diverse UK parliament ever’

12 new ethnic minority MPs will join 40 others to make the 2017 parliament the most diverse ever, writes Sunder Katwala.

Immigration: The manifesto challenge

British Future's 'Common ground manifesto for immigration' sets out ten proposals to help rebuild public trust on immigration and integration

Toxic Trump: the GOP’s populist crisis and how Cameron dodged the same bullet

Trump risks toxifying US Republicans but with the populist challenge coming from outside the party, UK Conservatives needn't fear death by demographics, write Frank Sharry and Sunder Katwala

May vs Osborne – which Conservative future on immigration?

What should the 2020 Conservative manifesto say about immigration - and where do the rival leadership candidates stand? asks Steve Ballinger

David Cameron’s new majority coalition

David Cameron needed to secure the support of up to 3 million new voters to win his 2015 majority. And, writes Sunder Katwala, that’s just what he did.

Conservative conference fringe: how to win in a changing Britain?

The Conservative Party will never win their first majority in a quarter-century unless they attract new support. This will have to come from new voters whom they traditionally haven’t thought were with them or like them. This challenge, of reaching and winning the support of such voters – in the north, in cities, among young people and ethnic minorities – was discussed at the “Future majority: how can the Tories win in a changing Britain?” event at the Conservative Party Conference, writes Steve Ballinger.

Call to rewrite EU free movement rules wins Tory support

Restricting EU free movement with central and East European countries won support from Conservative Parliamentarians and from liberal commentators at the Demos and British Future fringe meeting in Birmingham.

What to do about a problem like migration?

The troubled political terrain that is immigration policy is not going away, writes Max Wind-Cowie, head of the Progressive Conservatism Project at Demos.

Powell: “best understood as part of our history”

Enoch Powell, born a hundred years ago tomorrow, was perhaps the most significant twentieth century British politician who was never Prime Minister, says Sunder Katwala.