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COVID-19 prompts new ways to reach out to isolated people

The coronavirus crisis has prompted many individuals and organisations to do something to help others in their communities. Alongside those examples of civic contribution and local solidarity, the crisis has brought to light the challenges of social isolation.

Marking a century of Muslim service in British armed forces

An event has launched a new Armed Forces Muslim Forum, committed to deepening relationships between the armed forces and Britain’s Muslim communities, writes Sunder Katwala.

Sol Campbell gives Westminster lecture on racism in football

Campbell's decision to tell his life story put his complaints about racism in football in context for this football-illiterate observer, writes Henry Hill.

2015’s first-time voters welcome refugees to UK, new poll reveals

First-time voters in the 2015 General Election are standing behind Britain’s commitment to welcoming and protecting refugees, according to new polling carried out by YouGov.

What have the Poles ever done for us? Quite a lot, say most Britons

This week marks 10 years since Polish people gained the right to work in the UK. While the government’s failure to predict how many would come here is still a political hot potato, this has not translated into anti-Polish sentiment among the British public, writes Steve Ballinger.

Marathon brings out best of London

Last Sunday I ran the London Marathon to raise money for Shelter. I increasingly loved training for it and enjoyed aspects of running the marathon itself, but it was the atmosphere in London on the day that really made the experience, writes Helena Stroud.

VIDEO: Achieving a fair deal on migration

A new video by the Institute for Public Policy Research sets out a series of new policy proposals regarding how the UK should approach immigration.

Who speaks for young people in Britain today?

Turnout among young voters is at a record low. At a time when they have never been less engaged in the political process, the question is: who speaks for young people in Britain today?

VIDEO: Bradford’s Sandy Lane Primary School’s trip to Wembley

Bradford City's 3-0 win against Northampton Town on 18th May ...

People unite at Woolwich mosque in sign of solidarity

The people of Woolwich, those of all faiths and none, refuse to be defined by the recent brutal killing of Drummer Lee Rigby. Their Woolwich is a place of community, where people of all backgrounds live together, side by side. And it is that Woolwich which gathered on Friday 31st May at the Greenwich Islamic Centre, writes Jo Tanner.

REVIEW: The English Effect

"English to me is the sum of synchronic and diachronic evolution of other mixed languages" and "English is the medium through which I experience people, news, literature, culture and my own consciousness." These are just two posts dangling from the Thought Wall in response to "What does the English language mean to you," a question posed at the British Council's latest exhibition, The English Effect, writes Jemimah Steinfeld.

Big Lunch recipe of success for Peckham

Peckham has not always enjoyed the best reputation, often being associated with Del Boy, Damilola Taylor and destitution. In the show Peckham Finishing School For Girls, the area was presented as a sprawling, inner-city nightmare where people ought to wear bulletproof vests upon visiting. But this reputation conceals some of the area’s more positive elements, elements that Nicholas Okwulu wishes to highlight through organising The Big Lunch in Peckham, writes Jemimah Steinfeld.

Year of the dragon boosts Welsh spirit

Football in the Welsh capital has always come second fiddle to the much-loved national rugby team, and with Cardiff City's glory days being in the 1920s, it's no surprise. But the pride the Welsh show for rugby exhibits itself in the football stand as well. The rise of Cardiff City to the Premiership will boost pride in the Welsh sporting legacy further, argues Dan J Lloyd.

Can’t drive, can’t email: Life in north Wales

The information age, when messages can be sent across the globe in seconds, and packages from thousands of miles away arrive within days. This is the state that many believe Britain has already achieved, a near liquid society where movement of people, goods and information is as easy as a short walk or a click of a button. If this is the case, then why does even a simple task in north Wales seem like swimming through tar? And how will this impact the opportunities that come my way, asks Bryn Lewis, who lives in north-west Wales.

VIDEO: Highlights from Beyond Wembley: What can bring Bradford together?

What then can we learn about the possibilities of sport, and other areas of common interest, to be a positive force for inclusion and integration? This was the central question at British Future’s Beyond Wembley: What can bring Bradford together? debate held on 26th February at the Carlisle Business Centre in Bradford.

How the Wembley fairytale has brought Bradford together

Bradford City versus Swansea City is not the Wembley League Cup final that anybody expected at the start of the football season, with supporters of both clubs looking forward to their first major Wembley final. Days before British Future holds a debate in Bradford, Sunder Katwala asks residents of the city, including season ticket holders, an imam, and the curator of the club museum, what they think about the final and its impact on the city.