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Business and volunteering focus for MPs’ new inquiry into COVID-19 and social connection

A new inquiry by the Social Integration APPG will examine the legacy and lessons of the COVID-19 crisis in relation to social connection and integration.

Public must get a hearing on immigration too, not just business

Shaping Britain's immigration policy for the future must be based on more than consultation with business. Yes, immigration must work for the economy - but it needs the consent of the public too. 

Most Conservative voters want net migration target replaced – poll

71% of Conservative voters think the Government should drop the net migration target and replace it with separate targets for different types of immigration, says a new poll

Why business needs a new approach to the immigration debate

Business voices seeking to defend the benefits of immigration to our economy and society have not been s effective as they need to be in the immigration debate. A new approach is needed.

Is the EU referendum any business of business?

Can the business community sit out the EU referendum until it all blows over? asks British Future trustee Simon Clark

Britain great place for business, say migrant entrepreneurs

The United Kingdom is a great place to do business, and attracts enterprising people from all over the world, writes Henry Hill.