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Remember Together Leicester

Leicester's diverse community came together to remember their shared history of service and sacrifice.

Bringing Britain Together: the next five years

British Future celebrates its fifth birthday this year. To mark the occasion a new publication, Bringing Britain Together, sets out our future strategy and programme for the years to come, as well as celebrating some of the highlights of our first five years. Here, Director Sunder Katwala explains the vision that will guide our work.

The Voice of a Generation tour – what do Britain’s first-time voters really think?

Today marks the launch of the Voice of a Generation tour, a joint project between British Future and the Daily Mirror. Nineteen-year-old Helen Whitehouse – a young journalist and first-time voter herself – will travel to some of the most closely-fought constituencies across the country to uncover stories from young people eligible to vote for the first time in May’s General Election

How to talk about immigration

British Future’s new report 'How To Talk About Immigration' sets out the challenges for all sides when it comes to discussing and regaining trust on one of the most hotly contested issue in British politics.

Public “baffled” students included in government’s migration targets

The British public do not see international students studying in the UK as “immigrants”, and do not want the number coming here reduced, even if this would make it harder to reduce overall immigration numbers, according to new research by Universities UK and British Future, writes Joe Cryer.

Britain’s restaurants cook up melting pot cuisine

“Foods from all over the world have become so British and so ingrained in British cuisine that we often forget where these foods have actually come from,” says Amarjeet Singh from Refugee Action, the national charity working with refugees and asylum seekers, when asked about what she regards as a true British dish.

VIDEO: Opportunities in the UK

Freedom and opportunity are what Larry Rach really values when talking about Britain. "Being British affords us a whole different raft of opportunities," says Larry in relation to him and his family, listing good education and overall stability for his children as some of these.

VIDEO: Larry Rach, UK

Freedom is what Larry Rach most values when talking about Britain. "Being British affords us a whole different raft of opportunities," says Larry, listing good education and overall stability for his children as some of these opportunities.

VIDEO: Jonny, Croydon

"Sport is one of the ways in which I think you can most see our identity," says Jonny Cope from Croydon when asked about what it means to be British. Even when England is losing in a major football tournament, he still enjoys seeing the flags on the cars, seeing big TV screens airing the match across the country and chatting about the game over a pint with strangers.

VIDEO: Harman, Watford

Fish and chips, punk, bad weather and sarcasm are just a few things that come to mind when Harman Singh is questioned about what it means to be British. But does Harman himself feel British? It's complicated explains the 21-year-old native of Watford.

VIDEO: Mario, Croydon

Croydon fan Mario Creatura has Italian parents and says he has his hometown of Croydon and his family to thank for his achievements. "The value that my Italian heritage and my community in Croydon have given me, and the education that the British system provided has enabled me to now work in the mother of all democracies."

Being Jewish and being Israeli don’t mean the same thing

Does being Jewish mean I should take offence towards the alleged antisemitism in Gerald Scarfe’s recent cartoon, which features Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paving a wall with the blood and limbs of Palestinians? Not necessarily, writes Jemimah Steinfeld.

VIDEO: Highlights from our Bittersweet Britain debate

What are the sources of tension in Britain today and how should they be addressed? These were the central questions at British Future's Bittersweet Britain: What unites & what divides us debate, held on 22nd January on London’s HMS Belfast to mark British Future’s first birthday and the launch of its State of the Nation 2013 report.

Securing a bright future for Britain needs work, panellists argue

The themes of community and trust dominated the Bittersweet Britain: What unites & what divides us debate, held on 22nd January on London's HMS Belfast to mark British Future’s first birthday, writes Richard Miranda.

State of the Nation 2013 debate in photos

To celebrate the first birthday of British Future and the launch of our 2013 State of the Nation poll, we hosted Bittersweet Britain: What unites & what divides us? on Tuesday 22nd January. Check out photos from the event here.

How will Scottish referendum outcome affect feelings of national identity?

The referendum on Scottish independence will be a major political event in the UK in 2014. Yet the relationships and bonds between people from different parts of the UK are unlikely to be hugely affected, writes Mark Diffley.

Katwala: What’s driving immigration concern?

We should not dismiss immigration concern at a national level, even if people's experience of immigration at a local level is limited, explains British Future's Sunder Katwala in the new report State of the Nation: Where is bittersweet Britain heading?

VIDEO: How can Britain become more integrated?

In Uniting Our Communities: Integration in 2013, Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP highlights many different ways to make the UK more assimilated, such as elevation of the English language and tolerance of all religions.

Commitment to NHS founding principles remains high in UK

The NHS beat both the monarchy and the Olympics to take gold in the patriotism stakes, as Ipsos-Mori's polling for British Future's new State of the Nation 2013 report shows.

Visible armed forces are source of pride for young Brits

The popularity of the armed forces as an icon of British pride among young people shows the value of seeing members of the military out and about in our regular lives.