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Luton: Islamist Extremists and the Far Right, Allies in a Vicious Cycle of Extremism

Islamist extremists and the far right feed off each other, writes Basit Mahmood from Luton. Offering a sense of belonging through an inclusive British identity can help depolarise and guard against extremism.

Final nail in coffin of British fascism as BNP struck off party list

The final nail was hammered into the coffin of fascism in Britain today, as the Electoral Commission struck the BNP off the register of political parties. But it was the British public who really condemned fascism to death at the ballot box, with a 99% drop in support at the 2015 General Election.

UK local elections shaping the union

Sunder Katwala details the results of the local elections and how they could shape forthcoming negotiations about the future of the United Kingdom.

Far right suffer “death blow” in British local elections

British Future interviewed leading academic expert Matthew Goodwin who says the BNP will consider abandoning "ballot box strategy" after their worst election results for a decade.