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Targeted street work

One of my first youth work jobs was a result of the Macpherson report. I was employed to work on the streets of Eltham targeting known offenders of race crime. In Bermondsey I worked with a group of young people who believed refugees and asylum seekers were being prioritised for housing and were receiving huge sums of money. We went to the refugee network where we got all the facts and figures which they used in their magazine distributed on their estate. The group of young people were recognised on the cover of the Millwall FC match programme for their work around Kick it Out.

My point is creating a safe space for young people to bring fears and prejudices around race, gender disability and sexuality, is an important part of the process of unravelling the intricacies of their ideas and beliefs.I am Irish/Indian born in London. Young people thought I was white and when I told them they were shocked primarily because of the way i reacted to their racist views. They felt comfortable exploring their views with me as I allowed them to talk openly with me but most importantly I listened.

Targeted work by trained workers with a clear understanding of not just their own but others understanding of race, identity formation and racism. Schools work is not effective as classes are mixed and participants reluctant to openly discuss their views. Targeted street/estate work ensures work with groups who share similar views ensures a deeper exploration of their views.

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Welsh not British

Soon our cousins the Scots will leave this broken and worthless union – a union which never was one of equality of partnership between the member nations of a Disunited Kingdom. The flag that flies does not have any representation of Wales, Cornwall nor Northern Ireland. The Monarch of this realm’s personal flag – the Royal Standard – is likewise out of kilter featuring England, Scotland, Ireland [sic.] and England again.

And then there are websites like yours which are virtually unilingual English. Where are the other languages of Britain in this? Where indeed is the language that is historically ‘the British language’ and its sister language in the south west of this Disunited Kingdom? It is useful to remember that English has NO legal official status on these islands, whereas Cymraeg/Welsh does in its own nation as does Scottish Gaelic on Na h-Eileanan Siar (The Western Isles). It also helps to remember that these Celtic languages were already being used for decades before the arrival of the Anglo-Saxon/English speakers.

When Britishness is equated with Englishness, and nine times out of ten it is on Continental Europe, a situation often actively pursued by some over-zealous English then we Celts respond with a resounding “NO”.

Let the Scots blaze a trail, as the Irish did before them. They will inspire us Brythonic Celts in both Wales and Cornwall to a new awakening of our potential and be shot of an outdated, irrelevant, discriminatory and unfair “Union.”

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The Scottish not British

Soon we are to leave this so called and uneven union.
Having read many comments in the Daily Mail about sponging Scots etc., I can safely say that the majority of Scots consider themselves Scottish and Not British and we will be delighted when we are a noation again and leave behind 300 years of bullying, because through famine, clearance, a supply of men for military service and theft of resources, that is all Scotland has had in 300 years of ‘union’.

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I would suggest that you be more inclusive of the Cornish, one of the national groups of these islands.

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The Cornish Inclusiveness

I wonder if you could include a section for the Cornish and our national identity.
The Cornish also have an ancient Celtic history and many of us feel Cornish first, British second.
If we don’t have a place to present our views then we are effectively excluded.

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