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Targeted street work

One of my first youth work jobs was a result of the Macpherson report. I was employed to work on the streets of Eltham targeting known offenders of race crime. In Bermondsey I worked with a group of young people who believed refugees and asylum seekers were being prioritised for housing and were receiving huge sums of money. We went to the refugee network where we got all the facts and figures which they used in their magazine distributed…

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Welsh not British

Soon our cousins the Scots will leave this broken and worthless union – a union which never was one…

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The Scottish not British

Soon we are to leave this so called and uneven union.
Having read many comments in the Daily Mail about…

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I would suggest that you be more inclusive of the Cornish, one of the national groups of these islands.

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The Cornish Inclusiveness

I wonder if you could include a section for the Cornish and our national identity.
The Cornish also have…

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