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British values

Our schools must teach British values, for Britain’s sake

Nations are held together by the common bonds between their citizens. Without British values, what is to stop Britain drifting apart?

Map of UK. Photo: Lenny&Meriel

Which British tribe do you belong to?

Are you a Grumpy Nostalgic or part of team Jam and Jerusalem? Are you a Northern Soul or a...

Vinnie Jones with Keith David. Photo: uncle_shoggoth

Dear Vinnie: a postcard from England

Retired Wimbledon footballer Vinnie Jones, star of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, has spoken out about England being...

People lay flowers in Woolwich in aftermath of Lee Rigby murder. Photo: BritIslam

The dilemma of condemnation: When is too much not enough?

A scan across social media, blogs and opinions among Muslims following a public incident like Woolwich yields similar shameful...

Giant Olympic rings, Tyne Bridge, Newcastle. Photo: The Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Olympic legacy patchy but palpable in north-east

While the whole world flocked to London to witness the buzz of the Olympic summer 2012, north-east England felt...

A British Future workshop and debate in Eltham

1993 to 2013: How has Britain changed since Stephen was killed?

Britain is a fairer and less racist country than it was when Stephen Lawrence was murdered 20 years ago....

British Future's workshop In Eltham

20 Years On: Why anniversary of Stephen’s death is moment to consider modern Britain

20 years on, we can now see that Stephen Lawrence's death has come to play an important symbolic role,...

Erich McElroy on British identity

REVIEW: Comic McElroy on becoming British, pessimism and pubs

Americans don’t get sarcasm, the British love queues and the French like cheese. Stereotypes are often inaccurate, but can...

A Wembley Cup themed beer tap at the Corn Dolly pub in Bradford

How the Wembley fairytale has brought Bradford together

Bradford City versus Swansea City is not the Wembley League Cup final that anybody expected at the start of...

Photo: Aliya Mirza

Securing a bright future for Britain needs work, panellists argue

The themes of community and trust dominated the Bittersweet Britain: What unites & what divides us debate, held on...

Photo: nickhutche

VIDEO: How can Britain become more integrated?

In Uniting Our Communities: Integration in 2013, Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP highlights many different ways to make the...


VIDEO: Eric Pickles on the English language and TOWIE

Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP discusses the role of the English language for integration in the UK, listing some...

State of the nation: Where is bittersweet Britain heading?

NEW REPORT: Where is bittersweet Britain heading?

British Future's new report, State of the Nation 2013: Where is bittersweet Britain heading? looks at where we are...

Armed forces parade

We ask why young people see military as top source of pride

2012 was a year where British pride was at an all time high. The London Olympics, Team GB and...

The Spectator's Isabel Hardman spoke at British Future's event The New Patriotism: Beyond the Spirit of 2012.

VIDEO: Questions put to our New Patriotism panel

How does class affect British identity? What do the Conservatives have to say about immigration now? And how can...

Is there a new patriotism in Britain after 2012?

A new patriotism or running from the Empire? Britain in 2012

Where have the events of 2012 left British patriotism? British Future and thinktank Bright Blue held an event talking...

Is there a new patriotism in Britain after 2012?

VIDEO: A new patriotism in 2012?

The Olympics, Paralympics and the Jubilee...has 2012 seen a new patriotism emerge in Britain? British Future and thinktank Bright...

WWI sporting hero Jack Harrison

Who was greatest sporting hero who died in the Great War?

The largest collective acts of commemoration this remembrance weekend will take place at sporting events. The Millennium Stadium at...

A class trip to a war memorial

“Inspire children and parents to learn more history in run up to WWI centenary”

Nearly two thirds (60%) of 16 to 24 year olds can’t name the year that WWI ended, and just...

The India Gate memorial to Indian soldiers who fought with British in WWI

“Lack of knowledge of Indian soldiers in WWI must change”

Britain must learn more about Indian soldiers in WWI British army, argues Shiraz Maher.