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Immigration from Europe – can we make it work in Southampton? Event Tues 10 March

Southampton’s Brits and Poles come together on 10 March to find ways to make immigration work in the city.

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New immigration figures: “a quarterly reminder to the public of why they don’t trust politicians on immigration”

Immigration figures have become a quarterly reminder to the public of why they don’t trust politicians on immigration, and...

Final Scores on the net migration target, and no-one’s cheering

Today is final score time in the Net Migration Cup, as the last set of ONS immigration stats are...

Enoch Powell. Photo: Allen Warren via Wikimedia Commons

Why does Enoch still matter?

Almost half a century after his most famous speech why does Enoch Powell remain a regular reference point in...


Speech by Douglas Carswell MP: “Why Powell was wrong about immigration”

UKIP MP Douglas Carswell speaks on why Enoch Powell was wrong about immigration at a British Future event

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A decade after 7/7, where is the Muslim integration debate headed?

Ten years on from the terrorist attacks in London, questions about the radicalisation of young British Muslims have been...

David Cameron visits North Manchester Jamia Mosque ahead of Eid 2013. Photo: Crown copyright.

New ethnic minority voters will take higher price from Tories in 2015

British Future research suggests Britain’s increased diversity could cost the David Cameron the 2015 election unless his party increases...

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100 days out, public gives ‘thumbs down’ to all election contenders

What if they threw an election and nobody won? Overall, the British public think that ‘none of the above’...

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British Future are seeking a new trustee

This is an opportunity to contribute to an organisation which plays a leading role in shaping constructive public discussion...

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Will Scotland decide the future of the UK again?

The General Election in Scotland this year is probably the least predictable the nation has ever seen – and...

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Why do both sides look like they’re losing the EU debate in Britain?

The most interesting phenomenon of the current EU debate is the fact that both sides appear to damage their...

State of the Nation 2015

2015: A year of uncertainty

New ICM polling for British Future's State of the Nation 2015 report sheds some light on key issues surrounding...

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2014: reviewing a year when identity mattered

2014 was a year when national identities mattered. Here is a round-up of the key events, with links to...

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Parties need joint ‘British position’ to reform EU free movement

David Cameron has set out his reform agenda on EU free movement. Securing support for reform across the European...

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Net migration target dead and buried – now what happens next?

Meaningful figures, sensible targets and accountable government should be agreed upon by politicians as ‘common sense ground rules’ ...

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Scotland’s moderate majority on immigration

Scotland has a more liberal and welcoming public immigration debate than other parts of the UK and there is...

Rochester home. Picture: Twitter, @EmilyThornberry.

Labour needs to get over its allergy to Englishness

Labour needs to get over its allergy to Englishness. Too many Labour voices seem uncomfortable talking about English pride...

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Free movement: a conundrum for Cameron, and for UKIP too

As victory for Mark Reckless in Rochester and Strood gives UKIP its second MP, it also confirms that immigration...

How to talk. front cover. 230x200

How to talk about immigration

British Future’s new report 'How To Talk About Immigration' sets out the challenges for all sides when it comes...

Poppy Moat - secondary

Let the poppies return to the Tower in 2018

Would it not be enormously popular and poignant to see this fantastic installation recreated once again in 2018, in...