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Posted on 4 January 2012 - 6 Comments

So, why dotdotdot? Dotdotdot picks up the ellipses in the British Future logo.

What I hope those dots are saying is that our future is unwritten, that it is up to us to shape it, and that we want to extend an invitation to you to join our conversation about how we could choose to shape it together.

We’re hoping this new blog will be one important way in which British Future makes our contribution to shaping a positive sense of belonging that we can all share – and how we talk about and address issues of identity and integration, migration and opportunity in a way which secures public confidence, as we prepare for our public launch on January 17th.

I’ve been blogging for various sites and forums for four or five years now. I have found it a rewarding way to engage with people, especially to hear other sides of the argument, because I have often learned as much from talking to people who disagree, whenever it proves possible to discuss controversial issues frankly, in a democratic spirit of mutual respect.

So that is the spirit that we hope we will uphold here at dotdotdot.

It seems to me to be especially true of issues of identity, where each of us is shaped by our individual histories, experiences and perspectives. So we have, in Britain, 60 million different views about who we are and how we got here. Yet we must also decide collectively on the content of our common citizenship, and the ties that bind our society together.

We especially look forward to your contributions and responses which can help to make that possible.


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