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REVIEW: Firepower, Royal Artillery Museum

Tracing family history, and hearing about the stories of soldiers in the world wars is just part of the Firepower Royal Artillery Museum, says Doug Jefferson.

1993 to 2013: How has Britain changed since Stephen was killed?

Britain is a fairer and less racist country than it was when Stephen Lawrence was murdered 20 years ago. But there is good sense, too, in the public wariness of over-claiming how much has changed, says Sunder Katwala.

What the public want on integration

Sunder Katwala reflects on what we learnt from focus groups asking people in Leeds and Fareham how integration should work.

Shirley Cramer is new chair of British Future

British Future has appointed Shirley Cramer as its new chair.

Happy New Year from British Future

British Future's first year has been an eventful one. The success of the Jubilee and the Olympics made 2012 a year to celebrate being British, and British Future followed this success through the year. We would love to thank everyone who has been involved with our work - from those who joined us in a bed in Yorkshire to those who ate food from around the world and painted their faces at our refugee Jubilee street party in Brixton. And we would also like to say thank you to everyone who worked on our publications and research. But mostly we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

VIDEO: Marching through Northampton’s shoe history

It's the town where Dr Marten's first made their mark, and Oliver Cromwell got his marching boots; British Future's Rachael Jolley returns to Britain's shoe town Northampton.

Who was greatest sporting hero who died in the Great War?

The largest collective acts of commemoration this remembrance weekend will take place at sporting events. The Millennium Stadium at Cardiff Arms Park, Murrayfield and Twickenham will fall silent ahead of the rugby internationals, and more than half a million supporters will pay their respects at club grounds, large and small, around Britain, with red poppies embroidered into football shirts in the English and Scottish premier leagues, writes Matthew Rhodes.

PM: Great War centenary should be “truly national moment”

Prime Minister David Cameron said that commemorating “the Great War” was a “personal priority” for him and he wanted the centenary to be “a truly national moment in every community in our land”, in a speech at the Imperial War Museum, says Matthew Rhodes.

Times letter calls for “special” Remembrance Day in 2014

In a letter to The Times newspaper, co-ordinated by British Future, parliamentarians, writers and senior military figures come together to support a call to make Remembrance Sunday 2014 a special Sunday.

“Centenary of Great War could bring us all together”

The centenary of the Great War in 2014 could provide the next major national moment to bring people together - and to ensure that we know the shared history of modern Britain, British Future director Sunder Katwala will tell a fringe meeting at Conservative Party conference.

Immigration debate at the Lib Dem conference

Ward: “No excuse for weak controls on illegal immigration”

“There is no excuse for weak controls on illegal immigration,” said David Ward MP at a fringe at Liberal Democrat conference, adding this was an issue on which he said his party could tend to be a bit “wishy-washy liberal”.

Immigration debate at the Lib Dem conference

Hughes: “Immigration cap number was not shared commitment”

Separating out student immigration from net migration figures would be entirely compatible with what the two parties of government signed up to in the Coalition Agreement, Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes told a British Future and CentreForum fringe meeting at his party’s conference in Brighton.

British Future in Brighton

British Future and Centre Forum went to the annual Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton to discuss Is It Possible To Be Liberal and Popular on Immigration?

We need a 2012 legacy that lasts

2012 has brought Britain together. The Olympics, Paralympics and the Jubilee combined to provide the most inclusive celebration of who we are that anyone can remember, says Sunder Katwala. But what happens when the flame goes out?

Flight from Amin, 40 years on

August 4 1972 was an unforgettable day for thousands of Ugandan Asians. It was the day that Uganda’s dictator Idi Amin ordered 70,000 Asians to leave the country. Forty years on, in an interview with British Future, Girish Mehta tells of his family’s flight from the country and how they settled in Britain.


Our island story

Sunder Katwala reviews the Olympic opening ceremony, and says that it shows an inclusive Britishness can be pretty irresistible

“Miliband forgot to talk about integration”

Ed Miliband forgot to address the public's worries about integration in his big immigration speech, argues Max Wind-Cowie.

“Ed Miliband’s immigration mea culpa is mistake”

The Labour leader's focus in his immigration speech was a mistake. Voters are not hung up on what has happened, they want to know what needs to happen next, says Shamit Saggar.

Boyle’s vision taps British pride in countryside

Danny Boyle has tapped straight into the heart of the national psyche, and what makes Britain distinct, with his colourful countryside concept of the Olympic opening. British Future polling shows that across Britain, not just in England as some sceptics argue, there is immense pride in our green pleasant lands, from the Lake District, to Snowdonia and the Highlands.

Refugees get bunting out to celebrate Jubilee

"I'm looking forward to celebrating my 55 years in Britain," said refugee Bob Vertes, who will be attending a street party in Brixton this week.