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Northern Ireland quietly opens heart to mixed relationships

More couples are bridging the Protestant-Catholic divide than ever before, but many remain unwilling to talk about it, writes Jemimah Steinfeld.

Less racist, but more anxious

Sunder Katwala looks at the sharp decline in racism in British society, and sets out why attempts to label UKIP as a racist party will fail.

UKIP and the Euros

What is UKIP? Why are they doing so well? And what does this mean for British politics? These questions and more were discussed at our briefing event with Dr Matthew Goodwin and Professor Eric Kaufmann, writes Henry Hill.

Why two million first-time voters won’t turn up in May 2015

With a year to go until the 2015 general election, new YouGov research for British Future explores why two million potential first-time voters won’t cast their vote next May, writes Steve Ballinger.

What have the Poles ever done for us? Quite a lot, say most Britons

This week marks 10 years since Polish people gained the right to work in the UK. While the government’s failure to predict how many would come here is still a political hot potato, this has not translated into anti-Polish sentiment among the British public, writes Steve Ballinger.

Why UKIP’s recent triumphs don’t guarantee 2015 election success

UKIP has now got its nose out in front for the first time in the opinion polls. The big questions are what will this mean for the 2015 General Election and for David Cameron’s Conservatives, asks Sunder Katwala.

‘Drinks on St George!’ – Can tax-free beer bring English together?

More can still be done to make St George's Day a truly national event that brings everyone together to celebrate, writes Steve Ballinger.

New ethnic minority voters will take higher price from Tories in 2015

New research suggests Britain’s increased diversity could cost the David Cameron the 2015 election unless his party increases its appeal to minority voters, writes Steve Ballinger.

Voice of a Generation: The final three

The hunt for our 'Voice of a Generation' is almost over. Hundreds of entrants have been whittled down to three finalists: meet Chanté Joseph, Helen Whitehouse and Kieran Etoria-King as they visit the Daily Mirror offices for the final round.

Marathon brings out best of London

Last Sunday I ran the London Marathon to raise money for Shelter. I increasingly loved training for it and enjoyed aspects of running the marathon itself, but it was the atmosphere in London on the day that really made the experience, writes Helena Stroud.

Is Nigel Farage hurting the Eurosceptic cause?

As Farage makes the political weather, he worries pro-Europeans and cheers up those who would like Britain to get out of the EU. But should that be the other way around, asks Sunder Katwala.

New report: The rise and rise of the outsider election

The 2014 European elections may take place across a continent, but the big question in British politics will be what the UK result means for 2015, writes Sunder Katwala.

The Jewish refugees who fought for Britain during WWII

Thomas Harding’s book, Hanns and Rudolf, is a gripping second world war story, as well as an interesting peak into Jewish immigrant life in the UK, writes Jemimah Steinfeld.

Meet our Voice of a Generation finalists

The wait is nearly over. On 15th April British Future and the Daily Mirror will announce the Voice of a Generation apprentice. Meet the nine finalists here.

Clegg-Farage debate shows limits of using facts over stories

If Nick Clegg takes one lesson from the first debate against Nigel Farage into the BBC second leg next week, it should be to spend less time on "what the real facts show" and more time on anecdotes to illustrate his arguments, argues Sunder Katwala.

Amis’s view that English equals white is out of date

Martin Amis’s recent claim that white skin is still a key attribute of being English is at odds with public sentiment, especially views held by the young, writes Jemimah Steinfeld.

English should learn from St Patrick’s and celebrate own saint

Liberals who still fear that the St George’s flag is associated with far-right groups should take a lead from the Irish and celebrate their patron saint, writes Steve Ballinger.

VIDEO: Achieving a fair deal on migration

A new video by the Institute for Public Policy Research sets out a series of new policy proposals regarding how the UK should approach immigration.

We ask politicians: can trust be restored on immigration?

Britain's political parties found common ground on the topic of immigration last night, all believing that the public trust in immigration policy can be restored provided public concerns are treated with respect, writes Henry Hill.

Public more confident that we can talk about immigration – new findings

The public are growing in confidence that we can and do talk about immigration, writes Sunder Katwala.