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Late surge in minority candidates paves way for ‘most diverse parliament ever’

Analysis by British Future shows the new Parliament is on track to be the most diverse ever.

How do we tackle prejudice in polarised times?

British Future's Director Sunder Katwala speaks in Bristol on the topic of prejudice in polarised times.

Remember Together Leicester

Leicester's diverse community came together to remember their shared history of service and sacrifice.

Remember Together Boston

People in Boston, Lincolnshire came together to remember those from all backgrounds who lost their lives in the Second World War.

England 6 Racism 0

As England's black footballers face racist chanting from Bulgarian fans, what needs to happen to root racism out of football?

Is the Government on-point with an Australian-style immigration system?

People think of the 'Australian points system' for immigration as a selective policy that does let people in. It could be popular with voters - but can it work in the UK?

With BME candidate selections down, is the growing diversity of parliament set to stall?

The growing ethnic diversity of parliament could flatline as both main parties are selecting minority candidates at less than half the rate seen in the last two elections, new research finds.

How do we counter extremism without restricting debate?

The new report from the Commission for countering extremism offers a strong foundation for a clearer and more focused approach to hateful extremism, writes Sunder Katwala.

Government heading for new Windrush if it fails to guarantee EU citizens’ rights, Tories warn

'Repugnant' to move goalposts on EU citizens' rights, senior Conservatives tell party conference fringe

Brexit deal or Remain, Labour would defend free movement – fringe report

Labour’s new policy on Brexit would make the case for freedom of movement, whichever way a referendum went, British Future's conference fringe heard from Paul Blomfield MP, shadow spokesman on Brexit, and Wigan MP Lisa Nandy.

‘Britain never encouraged my Italian parents to become British’

‘Boris asked why my Italian parents didn’t become British – I said it’s because Britain never encouraged them,’ says chair of new citizenship inquiry

British Future citizenship inquiry

A new, independent inquiry into UK citizenship policy, chaired by Alberto Costa MP and coordinated by British Future, will set out practical proposals for citizenship reform that would be capable of securing cross-party support. The initiative also aims to foster further debate about citizenship policy.

‘How can we disagree better?’ #PositiveTwitterDay event at Twitter HQ

We were at Twitter’s London HQ today, writes Josh Westerling, for our #PositiveTwitterDay panel event, asking: ‘How can we disagree better?’.

Time to boost English language learning

A new ‘Learning English’ freeview TV channel should form part of a £600 million overhaul of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teaching in the UK

Positive Twitter Day, Friday 30 August

Political discourse often feels more angry and divisive than any of us would like. #PositiveTwitterDay is a small gesture towards a more civil way of doing things.

An open letter to the new Home Secretary

The new Home Secretary has an opportunity to make historic reforms to immigration policy that restore public trust on the issue, British Future has said in an open letter.

#PositiveTwitterDay, Friday 30 August

#PositiveTwitterDay asks people to discuss and debate online in a more civil way, just for one day on Friday 30 August. But it also aims to spark a wider conversation – about how we can all help shape the norms of behaviour on social media.

Cricket World Cup could unite us – if only we could all see it

Putting the cricket World Cup behind a paywall is a missed opportunity to bring people across England together, writes Josh Westerling

Immigration after May: What should the new Prime Minister change?

The new Prime Minister must make a ‘clean break’ from the immigration approach of Theresa May if they are to restore public trust on the issue, says a new British Future report.

An England for all of us

Nine in ten people in England now agree that being English is not about colour, according to new research published today