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Why the Magna Carta matters today

This June 15 heralds the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta - a document that laid the foundations of modern democracy and established a tradition of ‘English liberty’ that persists to this day.

2015: A year of uncertainty

New ICM polling for British Future's State of the Nation 2015 report sheds some light on key issues surrounding the General Election campaign and beyond.

2014: reviewing a year when identity mattered

2014 was a year when national identities mattered. Here is a round-up of the key events, with links to British Future's main contributions to public debates.

The Dulmial Gun – a ‘hidden history’ of Pakistan’s soldiers of WW1

At the centre of a small village in the mountainous Salt Range region of Pakistan, sits a nineteenth century British cannon. Dulmial – known within Pakistan simply as ‘the village with the gun’ – was presented with the artillery piece in 1925 in recognition of the service and sacrifice of the village’s inhabitants prior to and during the First World War.

Net migration target dead and buried – now what happens next?

Meaningful figures, sensible targets and accountable government should be agreed upon by politicians as ‘common sense ground rules’ on immigration, argues British Future.

Scotland’s moderate majority on immigration

Scotland has a more liberal and welcoming public immigration debate than other parts of the UK and there is a broad political consensus on the benefits of immigration.

Labour needs to get over its allergy to Englishness

Labour needs to get over its allergy to Englishness. Too many Labour voices seem uncomfortable talking about English pride or patriotism., writes Matthew Rhodes

Free movement: a conundrum for Cameron, and for UKIP too

As victory for Mark Reckless in Rochester and Strood gives UKIP its second MP, it also confirms that immigration and the EU look set to remain near the top of David Cameron’s “things to worry about” list

How to talk about immigration

British Future’s new report 'How To Talk About Immigration' sets out the challenges for all sides when it comes to discussing and regaining trust on one of the most hotly contested issue in British politics.

‘Poppy Headscarf’ launches to mark centenary of first Victoria Cross for Muslim soldier

A new ‘Poppy Headscarf’ launches today, backed by the Islamic Society of Britain, to raise money for the Poppy Appeal and offer British Muslims a new way to mark Remembrance.

Remembering Khudadad Khan, 31st October 2014

As we soon come together to remember all those whose lives have been lost in conflict, we wish today to highlight one man whose service exemplified the courage of many who served in the First World War.

Legacy of Sikh and Muslim soldiers of WW1 explored

British Future’s recent study into public attitudes to the First World War centenary showed that the single biggest increase in public knowledge about WW1 relates to the contribution of soldiers from the Empire and the Commonwealth who fought for Britain. Things Unseen produced two radio programmes looking at the contribution of Muslim and Sikh soldiers, why they fought, and the importance of that historical legacy now.

New study finds strong appetite for learning WW1 history

A new study by British Future shows that the media, government and public bodies have set the right tone for the First World War centenary, and an appetite remains to learn more about Britain’s history.

PM: ‘Islamic State’ name ‘an insult to Islam’

Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking on ITV’s The Agenda on Monday about terrorist group ISIS, notably referred to the group as “so-called Islamic State, ”adding: “I don’t think we should call them that because it’s an insult to Islam”.

Douglas Carswell, UKIP’s optimistic moderniser

Douglas Carswell’s “Bright Purple” venture, to create a future-facing UKIP, may be the most audacious modernisation project in British politics, writes Sunder Katwala.

‘How do you make promises you can keep on immigration?’ fringe panel asked

British Future and ConservativeHome asked "how do you make promises you can keep on immigration?" to Owen Paterson MP, Mark Field MP, Isabel Oakeshott and Sunder Katwala

Liam Fox: ‘immigration is not a bad thing – uncontrolled immigration is’

“Immigration is not a bad thing,” said Liam Fox MP today at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, “but uncontrolled immigration is.”

Immigration – making promises you can keep

'Immigration: how can we make promises we can keep?' is the core question at a Conservative Party conference immigration fringe event, hosted by ConservativeHome and British Future, writes Sunder Katwala.

UKIP joins calls to take students out of immigration target

UKIP has joined calls to remove international students from the immigration figures, while they are here to study, writes Sunder Katwala.

England should get what England wants – it’s time to find out what that is

Any party that keeps wondering whether the ‘English question’ really needs to be asked will find itself shut out of the conversation, writes Sunder Katwala. Instead they should make it clear that they want to find an answer.