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Voices of a Generation – Connie

Helen caught up with Connie, 17, from Barnsley while she was in London for British Future's Voice of a Generation event to see what she thought about politics and politicians.

British Future is recruiting!

We are recruiting for an experienced project co-ordinator for the project “An Unknown and Untold Story – The Muslim Contribution to The First World War”, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Ten things we know (or don’t know) about St George’s Day

Many of us in England will be celebrating St George’s Day this week, commemorating the nation’s patron saint. Others will remain unaware, or wonder why there’s nothing much happening in their local area. British Future’s Steve Ballinger looks at what we think about St George’s Day and what we know, or don’t know, about England’s patron saint.

Voices of a Generation – George

While attending British Future's Voice of a Generation event in Westminster we spoke to George from London to find out what he thought about politics and politicians today.

Why registering to vote is so important

With voter registration about to close, Helen Whitehouse, the Daily Mirror's Voice of a Generation reporter reminds young people why it's so important to get their names on the electoral register

“We can’t choose something different”

As part of the Voice of a Generation tour we were lucky enough to be able to speak with a group of young asylum seekers and refugees in Leicester. This is a group who very rarely have their voices heard in the media, even on issues where they are the focus.

The new ‘Kingmaker’ seats that could decide the next Prime Minister

Sunder Katwala looks at the new 'Kingmaker' seats that could decide the next Prime Minister

Voices of a Generation – Sarah

On her way over to British Future's event in Westminster Helen asked Sarah, 18, from Plymouth what she thought about politics and politicians today.

New WW1 Centenary project tells unknown story of Britain’s Muslim soldiers

A new project announced today seeks to raise public awareness during the First World War Centenary of the 400,000 Muslims from undivided India who served in the British Army in The First World War.

Voices of a Generation – Eilidh

After our event in Westminster we spoke to Eilidh, 18, about what politics means to her, and what she thinks of politicians

Voices of a Generation – Francesca and Alana

In the aftermath of the Scottish Independence Referendum everyone Helen met in Scotland was set on voting in the General Election, but what did Francesca and Alana think would make politics matter more to them as young people?

Voices of a Generation – Anita

On a sunny day in Southampton Helen spent some time at St. Mary's Football Stadium with a group of young people talking about immigration and integration in their communities

Voices of a Generation – Max

Max, 22, talks about university and his feelings on the current state of the jobs market

Voices of a Generation – Franny, Chineme and Eleni

We asked Franny, Chineme and Eleni what they thought about the idea of having compulsory political education in schools

Voices of a Generation – Montel

After our event in Parliament in which first-time voters from up and down the country got to meet various MPs I caught up with Montel from Dudley to see what he thought about politics and politicians in the UK at the moment

Voices of a Generation

While Helen was visiting the constituency of South Thanet, where Nigel Farage and Al Murray are standing as candidates, she visited Ramsgate Football Club and spoke with a couple of the apprentices there, here's what they had to say

Restoring trust on immigration – the manifesto challenge

As we prepare for a long election campaign with public trust particularly low on the issue of immigration, Sunder Katwala offers some advice to candidates when engaging in the immigration debate – be authentic.

Who were the Windrush Poles?

Few know about the Polish passengers who came to Britain on the Empire Windrush in 1948 to be reunited with family members who had fought with the allies in WW2

Record number of ethnic minority MPs to be elected in May 2015

More ethnic minority MPs than ever before will sit in the next parliament, according to new research from British Future, published in the report "The race for representation: how ethnic diversity became the 'new normal' in British politics".

“Everyone forgets to talk to us about politics”

On the most southerly leg of the Voice of a Generation tour Helen reports on her time spent with young people in Devonport, the heart of the Plymouth docklands.