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Referendum truce breaks out for England’s Euro 2016 kick-off!

Pictures: A referendum truce appeared to break out for Euro 2016 as two people looking *remarkably* like Boris and the PM took their England flag out on the streets

Will Euro 2016 bring Wales Together, Stronger?

Wales are taking part in their first international football finals since 1958. Ashok Ahir asks: can the team show why football is the true national game and can appeal to all?

Support #WeAreAllEngland and win an England shirt signed by Geoff Hurst!

Show your support for England at Euro 2016 this summer and with #WeAreAllEngland and win an England shirt signed by World Cup legend Sir Geoff Hurst!

Are Aussie rules fair dinkum for immigration after Brexit?

The ‘Australian points system’ for immigration, proposed by the Leave campaign, is a popular slogan - is it a workable policy?

A town called Malvern: the long road to welcome refugees in Worcestershire

How a picturesque town in Worcestershire decided to open its arms to refugees

London election poll shows party colours matter more than skin colour in British elections

Sadiq Khan’s victory in London's mayoral election was achieved by securing a strong swing from the Conservatives among white British voters, according to new analysis of YouGov's London polling.

ONS statistics – net migration target surely dead if UK votes ‘Remain’ in June

Responding to May's ONS migration figures, Sunder Katwala says the net migration target is surely dead if the UK votes on 23 June to remain in the EU.

Why refugees want to learn English

“Now I can say what I want to say; I'm not frightened to make mistakes and even when I do make mistakes, people are very helpful with us. They help me to say what I want.” A new refugee action study calls for the barriers to learning to be broken down.

Viv Anderson: The Man Who Changed the Face of English Football

Viv Anderson, the first black footballer to play for the England national team, was a pioneer who helped change perceptions of race in British society, writes Sathesh Alagappan.

NEW: Download a print-it-yourself England flag & show that #WeAreAllEngland!

Keen to show your support for #WeAreAllEngland? Fresh out of England flags? Worry not - you can now download a print-it-yourself #WeAreAllEngland flag!

This is the most diverse England squad ever – and no-one cares

Football fans will ask many questions about the England Euro 2016 squad announced today. But will anyone be counting up the non-white faces in the team? Unlikely

Euro 2016, VIDEO: Blackburn kids show that #WeAreAllEngland

As England's Euro 2016 squad is announced, a new film shows how people from all backgrounds are coming together to get behind the England team.

Immigration: the referendum conundrum

Will the EU referendum come down to the question of immigration versus economics? Sunder Katwala looks at new Ipsos MORI findings on on public attitudes to immigration and the EU referendum.

#WeAreAllEngland: football could bring England together for Euro 2016

A new poll finds that the England football team unites people in England more than any other symbol of English identity, as the #WeAreAllEngland campaign launches to promote England support across all races and faiths at Euro 2016

Mayor Khan must be more than a symbol of integration – he must make it happen

Sadiq Khan should not be content to be merely a symbol of integration, writes Sunder Katwala. He must now use the powers of his new office to be the practical champion of integration that London needs.

London Mayoral candidates commit to integration and citizenship

London mayoral hopefuls Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith commit to integration and citizenship focus at an inspiring London Citizens Assembly event

WW1 heritage brings Leicester communities together

Avaes Mohammed reports from Leicester workshops telling the shared WW1 stories of Muslim, Hindu and Sikh soldiers fighting for Britain

Ten things you did’t know about St George and the English

Steve Ballinger lists his Top Ten Things you didn't know about St George and the English

St George’s Day belongs to all of us – new poll

New research finds that most people – including most ethnic minorities – agree the St George’s Day party is a symbol of England that we can all share – but we just don’t do enough to celebrate it.

Blunkett, Lilley and others support call for consensus on EU migrants’ status post-Brexit

Former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett and Conservative ex-Cabinet minister Peter Lilley have backed the call for a broad consensus, across the referendum debate, that the rights of current EU migrants in the UK should be protected in the event of a vote to leave the EU.