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Lib Dem leadership rivals say they’re ‘not afraid to be called woke’

Leadership rivals Layla Moran and Ed Davey spoke at a race equality leadership hustings hosted by the Liberal Democrat Campaign for Race Equality and chaired by Sunder Katwala, Director of British Future.


Talk/together is a conversation that everyone can be part of – about what unites and divides us, and how we can build a more connected society. It starts today with an online survey – please share your views at

Fears of social divisions re-emerging as lockdown unity fades: new research

Increased unity among the public following COVID-19 may be fragmenting as divisions re-emerge with the end of lockdown – new report

Business and volunteering focus for MPs’ new inquiry into COVID-19 and social connection

A new inquiry by the Social Integration APPG will examine the legacy and lessons of the COVID-19 crisis in relation to social connection and integration.

Have attitudes on race changed since Stephen Lawrence?

Sunder Katwala on the impact of Stephen Lawrence's murder on race debates in the UK; and new ITV polling to see what, if anything, has changed.

Immigration attitudes warming over years, not just months of lockdown

Attitudes to immigration have not undergone the dramatic shift during the COVID-19 pandemic that some might think but have gradually become more positive since the 2016 EU referendum, according to new ICM research.

Millions come together to say thank you on NHS birthday

People across the country are being encouraged to come together on 5 July for a shared, national moment of thanks for everyone helping us to get through the covid-19 crisis.

Immigration Bill: COVID-19 boosts public support for low-paid frontline workers

Most people think care workers and other low-paid migrant workers doing 'important jobs' should be exempt from a proposed 'salary threshold' - new poll.

Building a legacy of volunteering after COVID-19

Government and charities need to act now to make sure recent volunteering efforts have a lasting legacy, writes Jill Rutter

Bridge digital divides to reach most isolated during COVID-19 crisis – APPG report

A new report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration, from its inquiry into how COVID-19 has impacted efforts to reach isolated groups.

Inquiry asks if digital divides increase isolation during COVID-19 crisis

A parliamentary inquiry is asking whether digital divides are hampering efforts to reach the most isolated groups in society during the COVID-19 crisis.

Can Keir Starmer help Labour build the bridge it needs?

Politics will, at some point, return to normal - and Keir Starmer's Labour Party will face a challenge to rebuild bridges between the party and the voters it needs to win back.

#ClapForOurCarers: Why connection matters at a time of physical distancing

While the COVID-19 crisis requires us to all maintain strict “physical distancing” from each other, that should not mean losing our social connections with each other, writes Sunder Katwala

COVID-19 prompts new ways to reach out to isolated people

The coronavirus crisis has prompted many individuals and organisations to do something to help others in their communities. Alongside those examples of civic contribution and local solidarity, the crisis has brought to light the challenges of social isolation.

MPs launch inquiry into combating isolation during Corononavirus crisis

A new parliamentary inquiry will examine best practice for combating isolation during the COVID-19 crisis, making recommendations to government.

Windrush and the need for Home Office reform

The publication today of the report from the Windrush Lessons Learned Review underlines the pressing case for reform of the Home Office, writes Jill Rutter.

The reset moment: immigration in the new parliament

'The reset moment: immigration in the new parliament' by British Future and the Policy Institute at King's College London, draws on new ICM research into public attitudes to immigration and integration.

The Australian points system: what does the public think?

New ICM research for British Future finds out what the public thinks a new points-based immigration system should prioritise.

‘Diversity milestone’ as one in ten now from an ethnic minority background.

The 2019 General Election sees Britain elect its most diverse Parliament ever.

Is this Britain’s angriest election?

A joint event between British Future and The UK in a Changing Europe discussed 'Is this Britain's angriest election?