Reactions to our proposal for a ‘preferential’ immigration offer to the EU

Posted on 2 November 2016

This week British Future launched a new report, Britain’s immigration offer to Europe: How could a preferential system work? 

The report sets out a new proposal for a preferential system for EU immigration to the UK. Such a system could, we argue, secure UK public support and work for British business; yet it is also politically deliverable in Westminster and for the EU and its member states too.

British Future’s Director Sunder Katwala outlined the proposal in an FT article as part of their  ‘Future of Britain’ project and on Brexit Central while Jill Rutter expanded on the ideas in a piece for Progress Online. Sunder will be taking part in a Facebook Live discussion of the proposals on Weds 2 November at Here he is explaining the  proposal in a short film we made for BBC Daily Politics:

Support for a new preferential immigration system proposal

Here’s how people on social media responded to the new proposal: