British Future publishes our Olympic parade video

Posted on 14 September 2012

As Scotland’s Olympic parade kicks off in Glasgow today, British Future publishes our parade video, finding out from those welcoming the athletes home what they thought of the Olympics and the Paralympics, and what they wanted to happen next.

The excited crowd, waiting to watch athletes such as Mo Farah and Tom Daley pass through on an open top bus, talked to us about the positive impact the Games Makers have had on volunteering, how inspirational the Paralympics were and what we should be doing to keep the interest in sport alive in the wake of London 2012.

“A lot of young people have definitely been inspired by the success of the British athletes,” said one spectator.

Another supporter added that “the possibilities are endless.” But keeping the spirit of London 2012 alive is crucial, she added. “The future now lies in expanding children’s sports programmes, and actively encouraging the young adults, as well as the older ones, in Paralympic sports to be the best that they can be”.

British Future’s latest report TeamGB: How 2012 Should Boost Britain, showed that the public want London 2012 to leave a real and long lasting legacy, and the supporters welcoming the athletes home obviously want the same.


To hear more about what people had to say watch our short video of the parade.

Download our report TeamGB: How 2012 Should Boost Britain here.



  • Comment by Alex Asher at 18:12 on 14.09.12

    No celebration for the English athletes as English athletes then – no surprises there.