Referendum truce breaks out for England’s Euro 2016 kick-off!

Posted on 11 June 2016

A referendum truce appeared to break out in Westminster today ahead of England’s first game of the Euro 2016 tournament as two men looking remarkably like Prime Minister David Cameron and Boris Johnson*, leading voices for the Remain and Leave campaigns, seemed to be out on the streets enjoying some pre-football bonding.

The referendum rivals (or people who looked remarkably like them) shook hands and made up on Westminster Bridge before heading to the politicians’ favourite Red Lion pub for some refreshment. Passers-by were then shocked to see them larking about in Trafalgar Square, posing for tourists at Horse Guards Parade and in one of London’s signature red phone boxes, and messing about on Boris Bikes.

(* It is possible that they were people wearing Cameron and Boris masks)

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The footy-loving politicians* were last seen running up the Strand singing “Three Lions” as bemused office workers looked on. They were holding an England flag emblazoned with “#WeAreAllEngland” – a new campaign hoping to bring everyone in England together behind the England team.

Steve Ballinger, a spokesperson for #WeAreAllEngland, said:

“Things are getting pretty heated in the referendum debate but all of England will be on the same side when England plays Russia on Saturday evening.

“The England football team brings the nation together like nothing else. You might have a Leave or a Remain poster in your window, but in England we’ll all be waving our St George’s flags on Saturday.

“Whatever your politics, whatever your faith or colour of your skin, when the football kicks off this summer We Are All England.”

The #WeAreAllEngland campaign aims to encourage people from all faith, ethnic and political backgrounds, to show their support for the England team by posting and sharing a picture of themselves supporting England on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the #WeAreAllEngland hashtag.

Find out more about #WeAreAllEngland  here